Discount Lifeguard Swimsuits

Discount Lifeguard Swimsuits

Dolfin Guard 2pc
Dolfin Guard 2pc

Discount lifeguard suits are always in high demand in May and the Dolfin Guard swimsuits are the perfect match. Dolfin Swimwear is a low cost alternative brand to some of the higher priced swimwear brands, but don’t worry cheap priced lifeguard swim suits does not mean that you will get lower quality. In fact Dolfin swimsuits are top quality at affordable prices. The Dolfin Guard swimwear collection includes male shorts, board shorts, female one piece swimsuits, and two piece or bikini style swimsuits. The Dolfin lifeguard suits include the Guard logo in white so that you will stand out and be seen on the pool deck or beach. The female Dolfin Guard DBX Back swimsuit is made of Choloroban polyester which is a long lasting durable poly fabric that will perform as well as you preform. If you are looking for fewer tan lines this summer then I would suggest the Dolfin Guard Cholorban 2 piece swimsuit, which is made of the same polyester fabric as the one piece guard suit. Both of these swimsuit styles will have you looking like a professional lifeguard at an inexpensive price.

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