PureSport Performance Sports Drink

PureSport Performance Sports Drink

There is a new sports drink that has been making waves of late.  Gatorade has long been the drink of choice for athletes but now PureSport is here to provide a new class of sports drink.  Unlike traditional sports drinks that rely on simple sugars and carbohydrates PureSport stands alone due to its protein content.  PureSport features a performance tested 2.67:1 Carb to Whey Protein ration that offers the ultimate one-two punch.  The carbs provide instant energy while the protein acts as a reserve tank of fuel.  Together they sustain your energy, increase your endurance and help your muscles recover no matter how hard you push yourself.  PureSport is the performance sports drink of choice for numerous Olympians such as Brendan Hansen, Nastia Liukin and Michael Phelps.

PureSport Workout

PureSport Workout is a rehydration drink for the athlete in motion.  The workout mixture replaces lost fluids and electrolytes, restores fuel during exercise for more energy and improved performance, and enhances recovery with added protein.  Each serving of PureSport Workout contains just 80 calories and 6 grams of protein.  The unique mix of carbohydrate and protein promotes better fuel utilization and reduces muscle damage.  Such benefits are not available with carbohydrate only sports drinks.  PureSport Workout dramatically enhances exercise results by improving endurance and reducing muscle tissue damage.  PureSport Workout is available in four flavors including Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch.

PureSport Recovery

PureSport Recovery is formulated to help your body recover quickly and bounce back after a tough workout.  The recovery mixture accelerates the replacement and storage of muscle fuel.  Each serving of PureSport Recovery contains 46 grams of carbohydrates and 18 grams of protein.  The protein supply reduces muscle damage and induces muscle repair.  When taken within 15 minutes after exercising the protein and carbohydrate mix greatly improves muscle recovery over that experienced with carbohydrate only sports drinks.  This is the ideal sports drink to get you ready for your next workout.  PureSport Recovery is available in four flavors including Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch.

PureSport Starter Kit

Not sure what PureSport product is best for your needs or can’t decide on a flavor?  No need to worry, the PureSport Starter Kit has all the answers you need.  The PureSport Starter Kit provides samples of both the Workout and Recovery mixtures in all four delicious flavors.  As an added bonus you also get a PureSport collapsible bottle.  With the starter kit you get four PureSport Workout packets (Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch) and four PureSport Recovery packets (Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch) to get you going.

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