Speedo LZR Pro – Order Now

Speedo LZR Pro – Order Now

The latest in a long line of record-breaking fast swimsuits is now available for pre-ordering. The all new Speedo LZR Pro swimsuits are almost here and you can now place an order for your very own swimsuit. The Speedo LZR Pro is an updated version of the Speedo FS-Pro. The styling and cut of the suit will be like the faster version the Speedo LZR Elite, but the seams will be stitched and not bonded. Plus the LZR Pro features an update version of the LZR Pulse fabric which increases the durability of the swimsuit. The LZR Pro is priced like the FS-Pro swimsuits.

Like the Speedo LZR Elite there are 3 styles of this FINA Approved 2010 swimsuit:
 The Speedo LZR PRO  is part of the performance range and is FINA Approved for all levels of swimming competition. Developed by the Speedo Aqualab, the LZR Pro swimsuits feature the LZR Pulse fabrication that has beenre-Engineered for greater durability. Featuring Speedo’s 3D, 3 piece pattern to optimise the shape of the swimmer. This racing swimsuit is lightweight and has low drag to glide through the water, plus an advanced fit. Pre-Order now for delivery at the end of March or sometime in April.
Preorder your Speedo LZR Pro today at D&J Sports Swim Shop.

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