The New Speedo Rapid Splice Team Swim Suit Style

The New Speedo Rapid Splice Team Swim Suit Style

The Speedo Rapid Splice is made from material that defies deterioration.

Every swimmer dreams about coming in first in all their races. However, it isn’t possible for every swimmer to come in first. You can increase your chances of coming in first in your races by choosing the right swimsuit that will help you to achieve your goals instead of impeding them. Speedo is a big name in swim gear and offers the Speedo Rapid Splice in several styles so you can enjoy all the benefits a suit has to offer.


For women, the Rapid Splice provides you with adequate coverage with a feminine cut. The back features thin straps over the shoulders that lead to a wider strap that spans the back. This design offers optimal support and a fit that will help you glide through the water easily. For men, the Rapid Splice line comes in both the brief and jammer versions. In general, both these suits will fit well and provide the support and streamlining you need to do your best in the water.


Like many of the other team-friendly competition suits, the Speedo Rapid Splice line comes in a range of colors. While the suits come in black only as the primary color, you can have your choice of colors for the accents, including red, blue, green and orange. Because the swimsuits are primarily black, you can order the suits with your team’s logo printed or embroidered onto the suit to further customize them and make your team stand out from the crowd.

The Benefits

The Speedo Rapid Splice swim team suits provide you with many benefits over other types of suits available on the market. For instance, the suits are made from 74 percent nylon and 26 percent Xtra Life Lycra. While most suits are made from Spandex for its stretchy qualities, Xtra Life Lycra is better for swimsuits. This material is highly resistant to deterioration, which is common in swim team suits due to the chlorine, perspiration, sunscreen and other elements they are exposed to. This special Lycra material also holds its shape much better than Spandex, lasting 5 to 10 times longer.

The Speedo Rapid Splice comes in a variety of styles and colors so you can pick the right one for your team. You can even add your own team logo to further personalize the suits. One of the best reasons to purchase this suit for your team is for its longevity of life. When you are spending so much money on your swim team suit, you want one that will last as long as possible.

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