Low Price Swim Team Suits for Your Team

Low Price Swim Team Suits for Your Team

The Dolfin Team Panel suits provide low cost swim team suits to outfit your entire team.

When you are trying to outfit an entire swim team, you want to find inexpensive swim team suits so you don’t have to worry about your team members spending a lot. However, you also want to make sure that those suits will hold up through the hours of practice and competitions. Cheap swim team suits won’t do you much good if they don’t last more than a month or two.

Dolfin Spyda

The Dolfin line of swim team suits can provide you with low cost swim team suits that will please your entire team. For the women on your team, the Spyda DBX Back suit comes in four colors, each with wide, comfortable straps that look like thin straps from the front. The 100 percent polyester material will last for a long time. For the men on your team, the Spyda jammer also comes in four colors in the same polyester, chlorine-resistant material.

Dolfin Solid

If designs aren’t what your team has in mind for inexpensive swim team suits, Dolfin offers the solid-colored swim team suits in seven colors for both men and women for teams who don’t want the distraction of designs. The women’s suits offer a sleek body suit design with comfortable straps that spread across the back for optimum support. The men’s Dolfin solid suits are available in the jammer style. Both styles of suits are made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex and are fully lined.

Dolfin Team Panel

If just a hint of color is more to your liking, you can find cheap swim team suits that will hold up to the test of time in the Team Panel suits. The women’s version of this suit is available in black with one of four colors on the sides of the suit so your team can stand out from the others. The sleek design features paneled back straps for comfort with less drag. For the men, the jammer Team Panel suits also come in black with accents in four colors.

No matter which of these Dolfin swim team suits you choose, you can be confident that you will be choosing a high-quality suit that will hold the test of time. If you want inexpensive swim team suits that offer extra protection against the chlorine, the Spyda is the best option. However, if you want something that is a bit cheaper, the other two options will also work well.

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