Proper Lifeguard Equipment is Essential

Proper Lifeguard Equipment is Essential

Lifeguard Equipment
The equipment your lifeguards have will dictate their ability to help in an emergency.

Lifeguards are there to help protect everyone in the water. However, even the best lifeguard can’t always be effective if he doesn’t have the proper equipment on hand to help those who need it. If you need lifeguards to work for you at your pool or beach, it is important to make sure they have all the proper equipment. Even if you don’t supply the lifeguard suits, there are some things you should provide so everyone can stay safe.

Lifeguard Fanny Pack

A lifeguard is going to want to have everything he needs in easy reach, especially when there is an emergency. This is where a lifeguard fanny pack can work to your benefit. This fanny pack will advertise that you are the one to turn to for help, while providing you storage space for everything you may need in an emergency. It won’t hold larger items, but it is still an important tool to have with you at all times.

Lifeguard First Aid Kit

Perhaps one of the most important tools a lifeguard can keep close by is the lifeguard first aid kit. Available in a wide range of sizes, you can find one that will best fit your needs. For instance, if you work a busy beach, you may want a much larger kit than if you were a guard at a small private pool with few swimmers. These kits often contain everything you need for minor injuries, including bandages, antiseptic ointment, gloves, adhesive tape and more.

Other Equipment

Other important equipment for your lifeguards can include a lifeguard rescue tube and a guard backboard. Both of these items can be incredibly useful in emergency situations. The lifeguard rescue tube makes those difficult water rescues easier by providing buoyancy to the person being rescued, which makes it easier to tow the person in. A backboard is necessary in case of back or neck injuries sustained in a pool or other body of water.

Making sure your lifeguards are well-equipped for every emergency. No one wants anything bad to happen, but when you are around water and have swimmers of various experience levels, things can happen. It is important to make sure your lifeguards have everything they need to help. It is up to you to make sure your guards have all the lifeguard equipment they need, whether you will be buying the equipment or they will.

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