The Importance of Antiwave Racing Lines

The Importance of Antiwave Racing Lines

Racine Lane Lines
Having the right racing lane lines is important to a swimmer’s success.

When you are swimming competitively in a pool with others, the waves created by you and the other swimmers can actually slow everyone down. This is a great disadvantage to swimmers. This is why it is so important for swimming pools to make use of racing lines that help to cut down on the wave action in the pool. One of the best options for summer swim team pools is the Antiwave Forerunner Racing Lane Line.


The size of the Antiwave Forerunner lane line is perfect for the smaller pools often used in the summer swim team competitions. The length of the lane markers is 25 yards, making it a great option for the smaller pools. Another important size to note is the size of the discs on the lane marker line. These discs measure 4.75 inches in diameter, which is almost an inch wider than the discs that are found on many of the other lane lines available.


When you are considering which lane marker line to use, you will need to know what each one can provide. The Antiwave Forerunner lines are specifically designed to cut back on the wave action to reduce and even eliminate the impact of each swimmer on the other swimmers in the pool. As the waves hit the discs on the line, it will work to stop the waves and propel the water downward instead of into the other lanes. This puts an end to the wave action, allowing each swimmer to move without having to battle through the waves anyone else is making.

Color Matching

As you choose the Antiwave Forerunner racing lane line for your swim team pool, you can choose from a wide range of colors. You can get the colors that match your swim team or colors that represent the event that is being held. Some of the available colors include black, white, gray, several shades of blue, teal, purple, maroon, red, orange, green, teal and yellow. This will help you continue the theming for your pool to match your team or event.

The racing lane lines you use in your pool need to be something that will help the swimmers in their goal to beat the others, not hinder them. With a three-year warranty, you can’t go wrong with the Antiwave Forerunner racing lines. These lines will create clear lanes for your swimmers, all while cutting down on the wave action and resistance placed on the other swimmers in the pool at the same time.

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