What Equipment Does a New Swimmer Need?

What Equipment Does a New Swimmer Need?

When your child becomes interested in becoming a competitive swimmer, it is important to know what to expect. In addition to the swimming lessons that will teach your child how to swim properly using the appropriate techniques, there are pieces of equipment you will need to buy to get him ready for his life as a swimmer. Making sure he has what he needs for practices, and ultimately meets, is important to his success.


One of the first things your child will need is an appropriate suit for practices. The one for the meet can come later. A good lap swimming suit will provide him with all the support he needs without restricting movement or causing additional resistance. As long as you get a suit made from quality material that is designed for low resistance, your child will do well at practice. Once he is on a team, you can worry about a swim team suit.

Swim Caps
A swim cap is just part of what your child will need to enter competitive swimming.

Personal GearThere are a few more pieces of personal gear  your child will need to begin swimming at a competitive level. Because hair can really slow you down in the water, a good swim cap is necessary to reduce that resistance. In addition to the swim cap to reduce resistance due to hair, you will also need to buy a good pair of swim goggles. These goggles serve a dual purpose: protection for your eyes and the ability to see.

Other Optional Gear

While the above is absolutely necessary to enter the world of competitive swimming, there are other things that are nice to have along the way. A good backpack or tote bag will allow you to carry all your gear with you without getting your regular clothes wet. Your child can also benefit from certain training tools, such as swim fins, paddles and kickboards, to help perfect technique and build strength so your child can grow as a swimmer.

As you consider entering your child into the world of competitive swimming, you will also need to consider the costs associated with giving your child a good shot of doing well. This includes buying a quality swim team suit for your child, as well as a swim cap and goggles to allow him to learn to swim fast. In addition, you may need to purchase some other items your child can benefit from in his journey to becoming a contender on a swim team.

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