Swimming Ribbons Make Great Prizes for Your Meets

Swimming Ribbons Make Great Prizes for Your Meets

Swim Meet Ribbons
When you are hosting a swim meet, swimming ribbons can be a great reward for the participants.

Many times when you think of swim meets you think of the bigger meets that offer bigger prizes. But what about the smaller meets, such as the ones you conduct for fun and practice for your own team or those between a few local teams as a way to prepare for the bigger meets? Whenever you are conducting one of these meets, finding a way to reward swimmers is critical. With the help of swimming ribbons, you will be able to give awards based on placement, as well as simple participation ribbons. These custom swim ribbons are a great choice.

Custom Swim Ribbons

One of the best ways to provide prizes to your swim team members for participation or placement within these smaller meets is with swim ribbons. These swimming ribbons can be designed to best suit your needs, including imprinting them with what the award is for, the name of your organization and the date of the meet. This will help all participants who receive them remember what they received that particular ribbon for. In some cases, you will also be able to choose the colors of the ribbon so they can match the place or even the official colors of the meet.

Options for Swim Meet Ribbons

As you consider swim meet ribbons, you will need to know which types of ribbons are available. A swim ribbon roll can be a great option for participation ribbons because you will need a lot of them. You can have these ribbon rolls customized with your organization name, as well as other information. If you will be distributing place ribbons, you will be able to choose from several designs, each including a card on which to write participant information and an elegant tassel. You can choose from a pointed ribbon or a rectangular ribbon, depending on your preferences.

Giving out swimming ribbons at your smaller swim meets can be a great option to reward your swimmers. Whether you choose to issue ribbons based on placement or you simply want to provide every swimmer with a participant ribbon, you will be able to create custom swim ribbons that will fit your needs best. From a ribbon roll to individual ribbons with a card and cord, you will be able to customize the swim meet ribbons for your individual meet or for your organization.

One thought on “Swimming Ribbons Make Great Prizes for Your Meets

  1. We usually hand out medals, but I like the idea of handing out ribbons at some of our meets. Thanks for the info

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