Keeping Time at the Pool is Made Easy with Pace Clocks

Keeping Time at the Pool is Made Easy with Pace Clocks

Swim Pace Clocks
Swim pace clocks make keeping track of your swim time easier.

When you are in the pool, it can often be important to keep track of time. Whether you are timing your laps or you need to keep track of the length of a water aerobics, swim pace clocks can be just the thing you need. If you were to use a typical clock on the side of your pool, the numbers may be too small to read from the pool and aren’t geared toward this purpose. Instead, you need pace clocks that are designed with the swimmer in mind, as well as the conditions of the pool.

Pace Clocks

Some people prefer to have the old-fashioned clocks with pace clock parts that move like a real clock. These swim pace clocks are equipped with hands, similar to a typical clock. However, there are only two hands: one that signifies the seconds and another to signify the minutes. Because of the size and color of these pace clocks, the swimmers will be able to see the clock more easily from the pool, helping them keep track of their lap times. These clocks are manufactured so they are resistant to water and moisture so you don’t need to worry about keeping them near the pool. You can choose from a 31 inch electric clock or a 15 inch battery-operated clock.

Digital Swim Pace Clock

Another great option for keeping track of any time in the pool, the digital swim pace clock from IST is a four-digit time clock that will keep track of minutes and seconds up to an hour before reverting back to zero. This is a great option for any time you need to keep track of a specific period of time in the pool, such as during a water polo match or water aerobics. If you need to keep track of the amount of time a swimmer is spending in the pool swimming laps, this pace clock can help keep track of total time. This clock is capable of running as a stop watch for timing laps or a game timer for longer running time.

The ability to track your swim times in the pool is made easier with pace clocks. Whether you want a clock with hands or a digital one, you will be able to see the time clearly from the pool so you can easily keep track without someone else nearby. Having a swim pace clock to use at the poolside can be a great convenience for swimmers and those who use the pool for a specified period of time.

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