The Importance of Hair Care for Swimmers

The Importance of Hair Care for Swimmers

Swimmer Hair Care
Taking care of your hair is important to swimmers.

Proper hair care for swimmers can mean the difference between smooth, silky hair and dry or damaged hair. Whether you are a competitive swimmer or simply a leisure swimmer, the chlorine wreaks the same havoc on any hair without the proper hair care. The chlorine and various other chemicals used in pools build up on the swimmer’s hair, leaving behind a residue that breaks hair down and causes it to become unmanageable. With the proper hair care, swimmers can still have gorgeous hair and spend as much time as they want in the pool. After swimming, swimmers should immediately rinse their hair out, but a proper shampoo and conditioner are also required to deliver beautiful hair.

The Best Shampoo for Swimmers

Malibu C’s Swimmers Water Action Shampoo is the best shampoo on the market for swimmers. It offers gentle, daily cleaning that removes the harmful chemicals, residue buildup and hard water minerals that leave hair dry and damaged. It might seem logical to use a harsh shampoo after exposing your hair to the chemicals and minerals of a pool, but the harsh detergent would simply damage the hair further. After swimming, your hair needs a gentle nurturing from a moisturizing shampoo.

Swimmers Water Action Shampoo offers the ultimate protection for swimmer’s hair. Made with all-natural vitamins and botanicals, there are no harsh chemicals or damaging ingredients that could further harm your hair. Green hair, itchy scalp and hair that will not process will be a thing of the past with this exceptional swimmers’ shampoo.

The Best Conditioner for Swimmers

Once you wash your hair with Swimmers Water Action Shampoo, you should follow it with Malibu C’s Swimmers Water Action Conditioner. Conditioning your hair is just as important as washing it after swimming. Conditioners give your hair a chance to regain the moisture it lost from the harmful chemicals and minerals in the water. The Swimmers Water Action Conditioner can be used safely on a daily basis and even provides your hair with a protective sunscreen to prevent further damage to your hair.

Protecting Swimmers’ Hair

If you follow the proper regimen for hair care for swimmers, you will have gorgeous, shiny, manageable hair without the worry of chemical buildup or harmful mineral damage. This will allow you to partake in competitive swimming or swimming for exercise or leisure without running the risk of sacrificing the beauty of your hair.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Hair Care for Swimmers

  1. Thanks, hair feels a lot smoother after using the shampoo, had many anti chlorine shampoos but they didnt work, this one did.

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