Swim Parkas Keep You Warmed Up

Swim Parkas Keep You Warmed Up

Swim Parkas
Swim parkas become a necessity when the weather is cooler.

Most people don’t go swimming in conditions you would consider cold enough to need to wear a jacket. In fact, most people only think about swimming when the weather is hot or you are inside. However, when it comes to competitive swimming, it is extremely important to keep your muscles warm in between swims, even if the temperature isn’t incredibly cold. Swim parkas are a great way to keep your muscles warmed up between swims to reduce the shock on your body.

Nike Swim Parkas

Nike makes a line of adult and children’s swim parkas that are specifically designed to keep you warm while you are out on the swim deck. This parka is made from water-resistant 100 percent polyester shell with polyester filling. The hood features a drawstring so you can keep your whole body warm, including your head. This parka comes in navy blue and black with a white stripe down the sleeve.

Speedo Team Swim Parkas

If you are looking for the perfect swim parkas to coordinate your entire team, the Speedo team swim parkas are a great option for you. The water-resistant coat is lined with polar fleece to offer the optimal warmth in between your swims. You will even find a convenient goggle pocket inside so you don’t need to worry about misplacing your goggles. This parka is available in four colors: navy, sapphire, red and black.

TYR Alliance Swim Parkas

Another of your options for swimming in cooler weather is the TYR Alliance swim parka. This coat offers optimal warmth with the fleece lining, as well as resistance to the wind and moisture in the air. This makes it an ideal parka for the coolest weather in which you might swim. One of the unique features of this parka is the Raglan sleeves that provide the best fit, as well as the most freedom of movement possible in a swim parka.

The temperatures in which you may swim can fluctuate, causing you to cool down too much in between your scheduled swims. One of the best ways to ensure you stay warm is by wearing a swim parka in between your swims. These parkas are made from water-resistant material and are lined with warm fleece to help keep you warm. Coordinate your entire team with matching swim parkas or allow each swimmer to pick his or her own.

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