Support Breast Cancer Research with Special Merchandise

Support Breast Cancer Research with Special Merchandise

Breaststroke 4 Hope
Support breast cancer research through Breaststroke 4 Hope.

Breast cancer awareness has become a major cause in the fight to save more women’s lives. Just about everywhere you go, you will be able to find something you can purchase that provides you with the opportunity to purchase something that will send a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Whether you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, you have been affected yourself or you want to support the cause, you can purchase special swim items to support the efforts.


You can show your support of the cause with a new swimsuit you can wear while you practice, during your leisure swims or even during meets. There are several suits available that show your support of the cause, including the Speedo Graphic Daisy Flyback suit in pink, the Speedo Spliced Energy Back in black and pink, the Speedo Piped Moderate Ultraback in black and the Speedo Voyager Splice two-piece in black and pink for women. Men can opt for the Speedo Solid Jammer in black with pink accents.


Those who would prefer to wear a t-shirt to show their support for the cause, there are several options from which to choose. Each shirt comes in a combination of pink and black or white and pink. The shirts feature slogans, such as “Breast Team Ever” and “Breaststroke 4 Hope.” Both men’s and women’s options are available.

Swim Gear

There are several swim gear options you can also purchase to send your support for breast cancer research. You can choose from several swim caps and swim goggles that will lend a portion of their proceeds to this important research. Each of these items comes in pink, allowing you to show your support with the colors known to represent breast cancer research. When you wear these items, everyone will know you support breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is something that has touched so many people. Whether it has had a direct impact on your life or not, it is an important cause to support because of the odds of it touching your life at some point. When you purchase any of these special swim items, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful pink items that let everyone know you have supported the cause. You will also be sending a portion of the proceeds to the research so that someday, there may be a cure.

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