Speedo Solid Flyback Training Swimsuit Now Available in More Colors

Speedo Solid Flyback Training Swimsuit Now Available in More Colors

Speedo Competitive Swimwear
The Speedo Solid Flyback training swimsuit now comes in even more colors.

The Speedo Solid Flyback training swimsuit is the perfect swimsuit for maximum support without restricted motion. Made from top quality material that is made to last through many uses and washes, this Speedo swimsuit is perfect for swim team participants or those who work out in the water on a daily basis for fitness. You don’t have to worry about fading or stretching, no matter how many times you wear this great swimsuit. With thin straps over the shoulder for maximum movement in the water, yet maximum support across the back, swimmers of all ages and sizes love the support this suit provides. Now it is available in even more colors!


If you are looking for a solid swimsuit in all one color, the Speedo Solid Flyback comes in solid black or solid sapphire for a uniform look. The black swimsuit offers a sleek style for women of all sizes and shapes. Many women prefer black swimsuits because it is by far the most flattering color. The new sapphire swimsuit is another solid color that is less muted than black but still offers a flattering color for any figure.

Neutral Colors

For the perfectly neutral yet contrasting colors teams can choose from black and white or navy and white. These two standard colored suits are perfect for the modest swimmers who do not want to draw a lot of attention to themselves but want to look put together and uniform.


For swimmers who want to capitalize on the flattery a solid black suit offers but don’t want to be completely dressed in black, Speedo offers black swimsuits with colored straps and outlines to give your suit a little attitude. You can choose from blue, pink, red or the new bright green outline on your flattering black suit to get the style of black with a little excitement in various colors. The bright green makes the boldest statement, but any of the colors add the perfect amount of excitement to any of these great suits.

More Colors

If you wish to venture away from the neutral, solid colors, you can also choose from navy with a red outline or the new charcoal with a pink outline, giving women a chance to embrace their femininity while swimming.

Speedo offers women a large variety of colors and styles when it comes to competitive swimsuits. The Speedo Solid Flyback is offered in a wide range of colors, making it possible for schools to match their team colors or for women to pick the color that matches their personality or one that flatters their figure the most.

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