New Year’s Resolution to Swim — The Top Five Swim Gear Items

New Year’s Resolution to Swim — The Top Five Swim Gear Items

These goggles are a necessary piece of swim gear for all new swimmers.

If you have made the decision to start swimming more in the coming year, you need to know just what type of gear you need. Whether you want to swim for the fitness benefits or you want to start swimming competitively, these five swim gear items will provide you with everything you need to be successful in your New Year’s resolution.

Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles

Every swimmer needs a good pair of goggles to aid in their swimming efforts. The Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles are designed with the fitness swimmer in mind, providing excellent visibility, even in low light, UVA and UVB protection, 180-degree visibility without distortion and scratch-resistant and fog-resistant coating. Available in nine color combinations, you are bound to find the right pair to fit your style.

Strokemaker Swim Paddles

Whether you are training or you simply want to build your level of fitness, the Strokemaker Swim Paddles are a must-have. These paddles are designed to be worn on the hands to provide additional resistance as you swim through the water. This added resistance helps you build muscle in your arms and shoulders, helping you swim better. The design can also help you identify improper technique so you can fix it.

Speedo Deluxe Mesh Equipment Bag

If you are going to be carrying around your swim equipment, you need the Speedo Deluxe Mesh Equipment Bag. This bag is designed to allow your swim gear to dry while you carry it home. The drawstring closure, comfortable backpack design and included ID pouch, you will have everything you have on hand every time. Choose from 10 available colors.

Arena Pull Kick

Another useful piece of swim gear every swimmer should have on hand is the Arena Pull Kick. This device serves as both a kickboard and a pull buoy, allowing you to make the most of one piece of equipment. Use it as a way to perfect your kick in the water or to strengthen your upper body. This board is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport with you.

Razor Short Training Fins

Many swimmers need swim gear that helps them improve their speed and endurance in the water, as well as strengthen their muscles. The Razor Short Training Fins provide just the right amount of resistance to help you improve in many areas of your swimming without putting excessive strain in your muscles, risking injury. These fins are available in seven sizes, each in a different color for easy matching.

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