Provide the Right Lifeguard Gear for First Aid

Provide the Right Lifeguard Gear for First Aid

Having the right lifeguard gear helps save lives.
Have what you need at your fingertips with the right lifeguard gear.

The primary function of any lifeguard, whether at the beach of the pool, is to save lives and help those who need it. This means lifeguards must be fully prepared for any emergency. Because a lifeguard is often the first person on the scene, even when paramedics are called, it is important for the lifeguard to have the right type of first aid equipment to help the victim and increase the chances of a successful treatment. When it comes to first aid kits, there are a couple of options from which to choose.

First Responder Bag

While a majority of the accidents with which lifeguards deal are minor, some of them can be quite serious, especially if someone was struggling in the water. Having a first responder bag on hand will ensure the lifeguard has everything he needs to deal with the emergency as best he can until the paramedics can arrive. This bag is made from durable nylon and is available in either orange or navy to best fit your needs. You can even have the name or logo of your pool or beach embroidered on the bag. With plenty of pockets and elastic loops, you will be able to store everything you need to do your job correctly.

First Aid Kits

If you are a pool lifeguard, you aren’t likely to need as much equipment in a portable form as lifeguards on the beach. For this reason, you may want to choose a first aid kit that is designed to assist with the injuries that are more likely to occur at the pool. These first aid kits come with everything you need to treat a variety of patients, including bandages, plastic gloves, first aid cream, gauze and more. You can choose a variety of sizes for these kits, allowing you to treat anywhere from 10 people up to 36. Stored in a sturdy plastic case, you will be able to quickly grab what you need.

Taking care of people who are injured or sick is all part of the job of any lifeguard. Having the right lifeguard gear to take care of any emergency, whether on the beach or at the pool, will help you save lives and help those who are injured until further help can arrive. With the first responder bag and first aid kits, you will have everything you need right at your fingertips.

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