Stay Warm This Winter with Swim Parkas

Stay Warm This Winter with Swim Parkas

Swim Parka
Stay warm on the sidelines with a swim parka.

When your swimming takes you to the pool year round, winter can become quite brutal on your body, especially your muscles. It is important to protect the condition of your muscles before and after you hit the water to prevent cramping or impeding your swimming skills. If your swimming takes you into the winter, whether your climate gets cold or not, it would be wise to invest in a quality swim parka to keep you warm and to avoid unnecessary injury.

Speedo Team Parka

If you are looking for a way to make your entire team look united while they stay warm this winter, the Speedo Team Parka is the perfect choice. Available in solid Black or Navy, this parka is water resistant, allowing your team to wear it near the water without worry about getting it wet. The interior is lined with fleece to keep everyone as warm as possible and contains several pockets on the interior and exterior of the parka to allow them to carry their important swimming accessories without worrying about losing them. This parka is a great way to provide a united front for your entire team.

TYR Alliance Swim Team Parka

For swimmers in really cold areas, the TYR Alliance Swim Team Parka promises the utmost protection with its polyester outer shell and micro fleece lining that not only keeps swimmers warm but also eliminates moisture. In addition, the barrel lock bungee cord on the hood keeps the wind out. Unlike many other parkas, the TYR parka offers a slim fit to reduce the bulk that is usually felt when wearing a swim parka. It also contains front and back venting to allow swimmers to regulate their temperature without feeling overheated. For important items, such as an MP3 player or keys, there is a secure inner pocket to keep belongings safe.

Nike Swim Parka

For those swimmers who are partial to the Nike brand, the Nike Swim Parka offers incredible warmth and style. Available in Black, Navy and Red, each color has a contrasting white stripe down each arm for a flattering look. This parka is made from fabric that is water resistant, making it possible to wear it on deck without the worry about getting wet. It also has comfortable elastic cuffs, a drawstring hood and mesh vents to prevent overheating or sweating before swimmers enter the pool.

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