Poly vs Lycra? Which Is Best?

Poly vs Lycra? Which Is Best?

Competitive Swimwear
Polyester and Lycra both have their place in competitive swimwear.

Competitive swimwear can be made from any number of materials. While some individuals personally feel that one material is better than others, each of them offers its own advantages to competitive swimmers. Two of the most popular material options for this type of swimwear is polyester and Lycra. Whether you choose a poly swimsuit or Lycra swimwear, you will see certain advantages that will carry you through your swim meets.


If you choose a Speedo poly swimsuit or any other brand, you will experience some incredible advantages. For instance, polyester has a history of lasting much longer than other materials. This durable material will allow you to enjoy a good fit that won’t change as you wash and continue to wear your suit. It also means you won’t have to replace your swimsuit as often as you would with other types of materials. This can save you money and allow you to get used to your swimsuit.


Another option for your swimwear is Lycra swimwear. While this swimwear won’t last quite as long as polyester, this material offers a tighter fit, which can help you swim more efficiently through the water. When you have the right fit with your swimwear, it will create the proper compression in the right places and give you the hydrodynamic shape you need to move more quickly through the water.

Which Is Better?

In general, both materials are great options for competitive swimmers. The major difference that will determine which is better is how much you will use it in the pool. For instance, if you want swimwear you can wear daily in the water with less damage, polyester or a blend that contains polyester will be your best option. However, if you want a swimsuit that is more comfortable, such as in competition situations, Lycra can be the best option. In fact, some swimmers choose polyester for their training suits and purchase a high-quality Lycra suit for competitions.

If you are in the market for a competition swimsuit, you need to learn which type to choose for the best results. Polyester swimsuits and Lycra swimwear are among the two most popular options for swim team suits. In some situations, personal preference plays a major role in your choice. However, the amount of time you will spend in the pool should also play a major role due to the strengths of each type of fabric.

If you are having difficulty choosing between polyester and Lycra, contact us for more information.

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