Show Your Team Spirit with a Custom Swim Team Towel

Show Your Team Spirit with a Custom Swim Team Towel

Choose a custom swim team towel to keep up team spirit.
A custom swim team towel can be the perfect option.

Swimmers love to find as many ways as they can to show their team spirit, as well as their sense of unity in and out of the pool. While many teams wear competitive swimwear in their team colors, as well as use matching competitive swimming gear, there are other ways they can bring their team together. Creating a custom swim team towel with custom logos embroidered or printed on them or even woven directly into the towel can be a great gift for the entire team to help them feel closer, even when they’re drying off after a practice or a meet.

A Variety of Application Methods

When you’re shopping for a towel for adding custom logos for swim teams, you will find there are plenty of options out there. If you’re trying to keep your costs lower, screen printing can be your best choice. This can be done in several colors, but over time, the logo is likely to begin fading. However, there are a few other options if you’re willing to spend a little more. For instance, custom embroidered towels can still use a number of colors but embroider the logo right onto the towel, allowing it to last much longer. For the highest quality and least wear, ordering your swim team logo woven directly into the fabric of the towel can be an amazing gift.

The Ideal Addition to a Team Collection

Custom logos for swim teams are what set your team apart from your competitors at every meet. While you likely wear your team colors in as many ways as possible, your swim towel may not even cross your mind. If you have a swimmer in your life, this can be the perfect gift, especially if they don’t already have one. In addition to making a great gift for someone who swims, swim teams love being able to offer their swimmers the option of purchasing a custom swim team towel to complete their team spirit gear.

Buying competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, isn’t just about your swimwear, goggles, swim cap and other training essentials. If you’re looking for great ways to share your sense of team spirit, custom embroidered towels, or even woven or screen printed towels, can be a great addition to your swim bag.

If you’re looking for the best swimming gear, including customized towels, for your swim team, contact us. We carry a vast selection of products designed with your team in mind.

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