Speedo’s New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back Swimsuit Is Perfect for Competitive Swimmers

Speedo’s New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back Swimsuit Is Perfect for Competitive Swimmers

Get strength and durability from Speedo's competitive swimwear.
Speedo’s latest addition to competitive swimwear offers strength and durability.

Competitive swimwear comes in all styles and colors to ensure every swimmer can get a comfortable fit without hurting their performance in the water. Speedo swim team suits are among the most popular. To help keep up with the demands of competitive swimmers, they are constantly creating new swimwear that looks great and offers better functionality. The Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back is their latest addition to the Speedo swimsuit line.

A Long-Lasting Fabric

One of the most attractive features of this new competitive swimwear is the longevity of the fabric. The Endurance+ fabric is made from 50 percent polyester and 50 percent PBT, giving it the flexibility and long life swimmers need when they spend a lot of time in the water. This fabric is also chlorine resistant, which means you can count on the swimwear holding its color for much longer. In addition, you will enjoy four-way stretch technology for the perfect fit every time.

A Beautiful, Functional New Design

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to choose Speedo swim team suits is their revolutionary designs. The Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back swimsuit is designed with thin, streamlined straps that are reinforced for comfort and stability. These suits offer an improved fit with a softer feel that keeps swimmers comfortable, no matter how long they spend in the water. In addition to the excellent support swimmers can enjoy, this new design offers the optimal freedom of motion swimmers need. The swimsuit is available in a number of colors, including purple, Kelly green, blue, red, vibrant orange and a classy combination of navy, red and white.

Choosing the best competitive swimwear is essential if you want to perform your best. The newest Speedo New Endurance+ How It’s Done Free Back suit is just the latest in a long line of quality Speedo swim team suits designed to help swimmers maximize their skills in the water, providing durability and the freedom of motion swimmers have come to expect. With their reputation for quality, it’s no wonder they continue to provide the greatest and the best to their swimmers.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We carry a full selection of swimwear and gear designed to help swimmers on all levels perform their best.

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