The Evolution of Men’s Competitive Swimwear

The Evolution of Men’s Competitive Swimwear

Men's competitive swimwear is constantly changing.
Enjoy the latest in men’s competitive swimwear.

Over the years, men’s competitive swimwear has changed to accommodate the changing swimwear technology, as well as the needs of swimmers. The more we learn about the human body and how it moves, the more competitive swimwear can be developed to accommodate those needs. The Dolfin male Uglies jammer is one of the newest advances in swimwear technology to help men move more effectively through the water.

It All Started with Briefs

Even up to the 1996 summer Olympics in Atlanta, briefs were still the preference in men’s competitive swimwear. Most of the major brands didn’t manufacture anything else, leaving swimmers with few choices. However, at this same time, Speedo developed and introduced their first jammer suit. Over the next four years, more of the swimwear brands developed similar suits to keep up with the changing demands of today’s competitive swimmers. Not only were jammers considered more fashionable, but they also provided greater coverage and improved compression.

Why the Switch?

Even though much of the change appears to be a fashion trend, there are other reasons why men turn to jammers, such as the Dolfin male Uglies jammer. Compression in all the right places is a necessity if you want to be a competitive swimmer. For instance, most jammers have a front panel that helps flatten the body to allow swimmers to move more smoothly through the water for less drag.

Fun Patterns

When it comes to competitive swimwear in Dallas, it’s not just about getting the right fit; it’s also about a fun style you can enjoy wearing when you practice. The Dolfin male Uglies jammer comes in an array of bright colors swirled together into a fun pattern no one will miss when you’re in or around the pool.

Choosing the best men’s competitive swimwear means keeping up with all the changes that take place on the competitive circuit. While briefs were once the only option for men, jammers and technical suits  have quickly overtaken the market, allowing men to move more seamlessly through the water, improving their swim times and helping them remain at the top of their game.

If you’re looking for competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We carry all the latest swimwear in the top brands, giving you the suit you need to become a threat in the water.

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