Top 3 Men’s Jammer Technical Racing Suits for 2016

Top 3 Men’s Jammer Technical Racing Suits for 2016

Perform better with competitive swimwear for men.
Competitive swimwear for men helps you perform better.

When you’re looking for competitive swimwear for men, you may become overwhelmed by all the choices available. However, there are certain swimsuits that are better options than others. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best technical racing swimsuits for men for the 2016 swimming season.

Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer

The Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer is one of the best types of competitive swimwear available. Speedo is one of the biggest names in the swimming industry. That’s why they work so hard to hold up to the stringent standards competitive swimmers have. These suits offer increased compression for greater hydrodynamics, freedom of movement, the support you need and a solid construction for a better fit.

TYR Men’s Avictor Prelude Jammer

For other men, the TYR Men’s Avictor Prelude Jammer can be one of the best options for those who are serious about the sport. This competitive swimwear for men uses Hydrosphere Technology that utilizes the swimmer’s natural abilities, while optimizing body position in the water. These bright and colorful jammer swimsuits are made with Speed Dry fabrication so swimmers can feel more comfortable when they are out of the water as well. Other features of this swimsuit include the Super Flex Bonding for a comfortable fit and drag reduction.

Arena Carbon Flex Jammer

The Arena Carbon Flex Jammer uses Carbon Pro technology for a lightweight swimsuit that offers the advantages you want. It is the first jammer to use the patented V-Flex system that offers a comfortable fit without reducing range of motion. This competitive swimwear also offers intelligent compression and the Power Return System that features bonded seams and elastic taping designed to release stored energy when it is needed most.

Buying the right competitive swimwear for men allows you to get the most out of your time in the water. While this swimwear won’t make you a better swimmer, it can improve your performance by giving you all the advantages you need so you can perform your best. However, when you look at all the swimsuits available, it can often be overwhelming. With the help of this guide, you can pick from the best technical jammers for 2016 so you can look good in and out of the water.

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