Create a Professional Look for Your Swimming Pool With Custom Backstroke Flags

Create a Professional Look for Your Swimming Pool With Custom Backstroke Flags

Create a professional look with custom backstroke flags.
Custom backstroke flags create a professional look.

Your pool is meant to reflect your team. The best way to do that is to customize it with custom backstroke flags. These flags are designed to help swimmers identify where they are in the pool when they’re performing the backstroke to prevent bumping into the sides of the pool. This type of competitive swimming equipment will help you make your swimming pool a more professional environment and showcase your sense of team spirit in a new way. While custom logos for swim teams may be used in other places, selecting custom flags in your team colors is the perfect way to add continuity to your pool decor.

Measure Properly

Before you place your order for custom backstroke flags, make sure you measure the pool properly so you have the appropriate length. While pools are generally considered to be rectangular, there are certain anomalies that can cause your measurements to be off if you only measure one part of the pool. Recesses for stairs and other features can create wider areas that need to be considered when hanging your flags. Always measure across every point in the pool where the flags will hang so you can order the right length, nothing more and nothing less.

Consider Your Options

When you are ordering custom flags, you will have a number of options that allow you to get the professional look you want. Most people are aware these flags come in an assortment of colors so you can choose the ones that best reflect your team. However, this isn’t the only way you can customize them. When you choose the right custom backstroke flags, you can have them printed with just about anything you want, from custom logos for swim teams to lane numbers to your team name. The options are limitless.

There is plenty of competitive swimming equipment Dallas, Texas, pools need to ensure they look professional and offer all the features needed. Custom backstroke flags are one of the most overlooked elements in a pool, but also one of the most important to ensure the safety of your swimmers. Finding the right options will help you create the look and sense of unity you want in your pool, all while giving your team a sense of pride.

If you’re looking for competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. D&J Sports offers all the swim equipment you and your swimmers need.

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