Is It Time to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Pace Clock?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Pace Clock?

Upgrade your swimming pace clock.
A swimming pace clock is an important tool.

A swimming pace clock can be an essential element at any pool. These clocks help you keep track of your lap times so you can determine if you are improving and what you can expect from your races. However, if you’ve had your pace clocks for a while, it may be time to evaluate the possibility of upgrading to Competitor pace clocks or another kind of portable swim pace clock.

A Unique Face Design

One of the most attractive features of the Competitor pace clocks is the unique face design that helps them stand out from the other brands. Whether you choose the full-size model or you opt for the portable swim pace clock, these swimming pace clocks feature big, easy-to-read numbers so you can see them from anywhere in the pool, allowing you to track your pace by yourself without having a coach or other individual to read the clock for you.

Durable Construction

When you purchase a swimming pace clock, you need to make sure you’re buying one constructed with durability in mind. The Competitor pace clocks are made from materials that are resistant to chlorine and the weather so they don’t wear out prematurely. The face and sweep hands are constructed to prevent warping. A Plexiglas cover helps protect the hands and face from damage.

Available in Several Colors

Both the large swimming pace clocks and the portable swim pace clocks are available in white or red casings. In addition to your choice of casings, you may choose from a white face with red and blue numbers or the black face with yellow and white numbers. These options will help you further customize your pool and the competitive swimming equipment you use.

Swim pace clocks are an essential element at any pool because they help swimmers accurately track their time and determine their progress in their swim times. If you don’t have these clocks already or you are looking for an upgrade, the Competitor pace clocks can be an excellent option for any pool.

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