Lifeguard Spineboards Are a Necessity for Every Swimming Pool This Summer

Lifeguard Spineboards Are a Necessity for Every Swimming Pool This Summer

Every pool needs lifeguard spine boards.
Lifeguard spine boards are a must at every pool.

When people head to the pool or the beach, they expect to have some fun and head home unscathed. Unfortunately, water can be a major hazard, even for individuals who are experienced and have been trained in swimming. This is why it’s essential to have lifeguard spine boards on hand in case of an emergency.

Keep Victims Stabilized

One of the most important reasons you need lifeguard rescue equipment is to ensure you can provide as much care as possible until medical help can arrive. Lifeguard spine boards are a critical element in situations where a neck or spinal injury is suspected. It’s always better to take the appropriate safety precautions if there is any chance of these types of injuries to help lower the risk of exacerbating the injury and causing further damage. There’s less harm in keeping  a patient stable than there is if you move an injured person before adequate help can arrive.

Make Sure It’s Easily Accessible

In addition to making sure you have the right lifeguard rescue equipment on hand, you also need to ensure it is easily accessible and all of your lifeguards and other staff know where it is located. In most cases, it’s best to hang lifeguard spine boards as close to the pool as possible so they can be grabbed quickly in the event they are needed. It can be difficult to keep an accident victim still while someone is getting the spine board. Factor in the time it can take to place it and carefully transfer the patient and there could be precious seconds lost to a higher risk. Having this equipment close at hand will help protect victims from further injury.

Having the right lifeguard equipment in Dallas, TX, is essential to make sure everyone is safe at the pool or the beach. This includes lifeguard spine boards. No one expects to experience a serious accident when they are out for a day of swimming and fun, but these accidents often happen unexpectedly. For this reason, it’s important for pools and beaches to be fully prepared so they can provide the required assistance to minimize injuries and ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

If you’re looking for the best lifeguard equipment in Dallas, TX, contact us at D & J Sports. We carry everything you need to keep swimmers safe.

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