3 Ways To Improve Your Pre-Race Routine

3 Ways To Improve Your Pre-Race Routine

When you’re swimming competitively, it’s only natural to feel somewhat nervous as race time approaches. The good news is there are many techniques you can use to help you calm those nerves and ensure you are completely focused on your swimming. When you utilize these tips, your competitive swimming for swim teams will become that much more effective.

A Natural Reaction

Anxiety surrounding swimming competitively can be a good thing.
Harness the power of anxiety when swimming competitively.

The first thing you need to recognize is being nervous is absolutely normal. Even if you can’t tell, everyone feels it. It’s the body’s natural response to situations that trigger the fight or flight reflex. It’s all in how you manage it that makes a difference, particularly as you look at your overall performance. For the most part, consider this your body’s way of preparing for the race ahead.

Channel That Energy

You may feel as though your anxiety before your swim means something is wrong, but this isn’t really the case. Therefore, instead of trying to stop your feelings of nervousness, it’s typically best to find ways to channel and use them to your benefit instead. Because the symptoms of nervousness are simply your body getting hyped up for your performance, you can actually tap into this power and give yourself a boost when you hit the water. Trying to get rid of the anxiety entirely will only serve to make it worse. When it’s out of control, you won’t be at your best.

Focus on the Outcome

As you prepare for your race with swim teams, it’s essential to focus on the outcome of your race. Visualization is an important technique that can help you perform better and ease the feelings of anxiety and tension as race time approaches. Close your eyes for a few minutes and think about how it feels to move through the water and the motions you take throughout your race.

It can feel overwhelming when you feel nervous before a swimming race, but the good news is you can  use it to your advantage. When you follow these tips, you will be able to harness the power of your nerves and perform even better.

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