Embrace Spring With Color: Speedo’s Water Supply Flyback Now Comes in Tie Dye

Look for new custom swim team suits for the spring season.
Custom swim team suits can be fun.

When you’re choosing competitive swimwear, you will find there are plenty of options from which to choose. Custom swim team suits come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find the one that works best for your team. The new Speedo Water Supply Flyback swimsuit is a fun, tie dye suit that can help you look your best in the water, embracing the upcoming spring season with its beautiful colors.

Quality Construction

One of the biggest concerns competitive swimmers have with their swimwear if the quality of the construction. Speedo swim team suits, such as this one, are typically made from their Endurance+ fabric. This fabric features four-way stretch technology to prevent stretching a swimsuit out, regardless of how many times you wear it. The suit is designed to be comfortable and to last longer than much of the other competitive swimwear available on the market. The suit is also constructed with thin straps to reduce tan lines and high cut legs for full range of motion. There’s no more comfortable suit on the market.

Amazing Spring Colors

When you’re shopping for custom swim team suits, you want options that stand out from the crowd. The newest Speedo Water Supply Flyback suits have risen to the occasion, providing competitive swimmers on all levels with an array of tie dye swimsuits from which to choose. Individuals can select one of several fun spring colors, including vibrant orange, purple, blue and Kelly green. These amazing colors are bright and cheerful, the perfect addition to your spring swimwear collection, whether you swim competitively or you want a beautiful new suit for the pool and beach seasons.

Finding custom swim team suits doesn’t have to be a boring job. When you know what you’re looking for, you can find a vast array of fun, colorful options your entire team will enjoy. With Speedo swim team suits, you can even find tie dyed versions that are beautiful in and out of the water and give swimmers the fit and comfort they need to remain productive in their swimming sessions.

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The Speedo Burst Jammer Is Their Latest Comfortable and Fun Swim Team Suit

Enjoy the fun, comfortable Speedo Burst Jammer.
The Speedo Burst Jammer is the latest fun competitive swimwear from Speedo.

Speedo has dominated the competition since their beginning and now with the Speedo Burst Jammer competitive swimwear. Speedo has created the most desirable line of swimsuits for any swim team looking to transform into style and comfort in 2016.

Optimal Training

Anyone who coaches or participates in competitive swimming knows your team needs the best swimwear. The perfect suit can excel your swimmers to a whole new level of speed and endurance. Speedo has made just that with the Speedo Burst Jammer line of competitive swimwear.

This swimwear features a tight and comfortable fit that doesn’t produce any drag on your body, which can cut milliseconds off their race times. Even milliseconds are just as important in swimming as scoring a basket in basketball or a touchdown in football.

Cutting-Edge Design

Not only do you want your team in a swimsuit that enhances their skills and abilities, but you want them to look and feel like superstars at every meet. Speedo has gone the extra mile to create a swimsuit that is built to make its user pop out, with a vast array of colors available.

This allows you to find the closest match to your school colors. With the bright and neon color trend sweeping the nation in sports, Speedo has gotten on board and has a fun and exciting option for swim teams to wear during their competition. Just imagine your team matching in these modern swimsuits.

Are you wondering if you can add custom logos for swims teams? Of course you can! Your team’s logo, matched with your team colors, is the perfect combination to unite your team as one.


The widespread demand for eco-friendly products hasn’t gotten past Speedo. Even the number one swimwear brand has made a commitment to our environment’s health. Speedo Burst Jammers are made with PowerFLEX Eco fabri, designed and created with only 100 percent pre- and post-consumer waste. That is correct, Speedo uses only waste nylon yarn to create these incredible new swimsuits.

Not only are you getting your team new competitive swimwear they will be chomping at the bit to wear, but you will be contributing to saving the earth’s well-being, even if it seems small in scale.

Suit Up! 

The choice is clear for the upcoming 2016 swim season. Jammer competitive swimsuits are the most popular and sought-after swimwear your team can get.

Suit your team up for a championship season this year, with all the fun and comfort Speedo has to offer. Contact D&J Sports today for competitive swimwear in Dallas, Texas!

It’s Time to Book Your Summer Swim Team Fittings

Buy the right size with swim team fittings.
Swim team fittings are essential to buy the right size.

Even though the weather is still cold, it’s time to start getting ready for your summer swim team season. One of the most important elements of participating in competitive swimming is making sure you buy the custom swim team suits that fit perfectly. You spend a lot of time choosing the right competitive swimming gear, so why wouldn’t you give the same attention to swimwear for women and men. Now is the time to book your swim team fittings.

Take Your Measurements

The first step in outfitting your swim team with custom swim team suits is to take your measurements. For men’s swimwear, there is only one measurement you need to take. This measurement should be taken around your waist, approximately one inch below your navel.

For women, on the other hand, measurements can be more complicated. There are three basic measurements you need to take. First and foremost, women must measure around the fullest part of their bust, the narrowest part of the waist and the widest part of the hips. This allows custom swim team suits fit appropriately so you keep your body streamlined to move more effectively through the water.

Tips for Measuring

While it’s tempting to take these measurements on your own, it is best to have a close friend or family member take them for you to ensure the highest level of accuracy. If you want swimwear for women and men to fit properly, it’s important to make sure your measurements are as precise as possible to avoid the risk of buying the wrong size. To further ensure accuracy, measurements should be taken against bare skin. You should also use a soft tailor’s measuring tape, rather than one that is rigid.

Even though the cold temperatures make it feel like summer is so far away, it’s really right around the corner. If you’ll need new custom swim team suits for your upcoming season, it’s best to get swim team fittings now so you can place your order and have your new suit in time for the new season. With these measuring tips and instructions, you will be able to purchase the right suit to meet your needs and improve your performance in the water.

If you’re looking for custom swim team suits for your entire team, contact us. D&J Sports has swimwear for women and men in a vast array of sizes and styles.

Discount Speedo Swimsuits – Enjoy Savings on Practice Swimwear in Great Colors

Save money on practice suits with Speedo swimsuits.
Speedo swimsuits don’t have to cost a lot to be effective.

Many people think you need to invest a lot of money into competitive swimwear; however, this isn’t necessarily true. While it’s likely you want the best quality when it comes to the suit you wear while you are competing, you may be able to settle for something a little less expensive for your practice suits. Speedo swimsuits are often available at a discounted rate, giving you the beauty and durability of Speedo swimwear without the high price take people often associate with competitive swimsuits.

A Variety of Styles

As you look at discount Speedo swimsuits to use as your practice suit, it’s important to consider the overall style you want, along with the colors that will look best. Some individuals prefer to choose the same style you have for your competitive swimwear for races. This allows you to get used to the feel of a particular style so you aren’t left to adjust when it’s time to do your best. There are two basic styles from which you can choose: a traditional cut and a minimalist cut.

Traditional Cut

The traditional cut for practice swimsuits features wide straps and a modest cut for the back and legs, offering greater coverage. These swimsuits are commonly selected by older individuals, indoor swimmers and some open water swimmers because of the comfort factor. Most of this type of Speedo swimwear is made of Lycra and polyester fabrics for the perfect fit and improved durability.

Minimalist Cut

The other alternative is the minimalist cut, which is often more attractive for younger swimmers and offer a tight fit. These suits are known for their thin straps, cut-out backs and high-cut legs. Because of the fit and style of these swimsuits, they often aren’t approved for competition wear but can still offer the flexibility and other benefits swimmers are looking for from their practice sessions.

As you consider your competitive swimwear, you need to understand you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get an effective practice suit. In fact, discount Speedo swimsuits can often be one of the best options to help you make the most of your practice sessions without breaking the bank. These swimsuits have the same durability as all Speedo swimwear and can give you the advantages you’re looking for the water.

If you’re looking for competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We offer a variety of low-cost Speedo swimsuits to give you the selection you want for the perfect practice swimsuit.

Our In-House Graphics Team Can Create Custom Swim Team Hoodies With Your Logo

Add custom logos for swim teams.
Custom logos for swim teams can be added to just about anything.

Whether you want to customize your competitive swimwear or other gear, such as swim team warm ups, with your team logo or your name, you have plenty of options. Most swim retailers offer screen printing, while others may offer additional options like embroidery. Unfortunately, many of the companies that claim to offer these services often outsource it to other companies that specialize in custom logos for swim teams. However, there are companies that offer in-house customizations to help you get the products you need more quickly.

The Look You Want

It’s not just about adding custom logos for swim teams to competitive swimwear and swim team warm ups, such as a hoodie. Sometimes you don’t have a logo yet and need the assistance of graphic designers to help you come up with a great idea. Even if you have an existing logo, you may feel the need to update your logo. In either case, you will be creating a beautiful piece of art you can wear around the pool so everyone knows where your pride lies. Whether you already have a logo or you need help creating one, you can create something that looks exactly the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Get the Work Done Fast

Not everyone wants to spend weeks waiting for their end product. When you turn to a company that offers onsite graphic design and customization services, you can count on getting results much more quickly. Even though you are using custom logos for swim teams to create unique team hoodies and other products, you can be sure you will receive your fully customized products quickly. As long as you choose a company with the high-quality equipment necessary to get the job done right, you will be pleased with the end result.

Custom logos for swim teams can be one of the best ways to showcase your team spirit and help everyone identify you with a particular team. Whether you are customizing competitive swimwear or swim team warm ups, you will enjoy a beautiful job well done without having to wait weeks or even a month for the final result. In addition, you are likely to find choosing an in-house provider will lower your costs.

If you’re looking for the best swim team warm ups and competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We can provide the quality products you need for less with our in-house graphic designers and customization tools.

Top 3 Men’s Jammer Technical Racing Suits for 2016

Perform better with competitive swimwear for men.
Competitive swimwear for men helps you perform better.

When you’re looking for competitive swimwear for men, you may become overwhelmed by all the choices available. However, there are certain swimsuits that are better options than others. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best technical racing swimsuits for men for the 2016 swimming season.

Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer

The Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer is one of the best types of competitive swimwear available. Speedo is one of the biggest names in the swimming industry. That’s why they work so hard to hold up to the stringent standards competitive swimmers have. These suits offer increased compression for greater hydrodynamics, freedom of movement, the support you need and a solid construction for a better fit.

TYR Men’s Avictor Prelude Jammer

For other men, the TYR Men’s Avictor Prelude Jammer can be one of the best options for those who are serious about the sport. This competitive swimwear for men uses Hydrosphere Technology that utilizes the swimmer’s natural abilities, while optimizing body position in the water. These bright and colorful jammer swimsuits are made with Speed Dry fabrication so swimmers can feel more comfortable when they are out of the water as well. Other features of this swimsuit include the Super Flex Bonding for a comfortable fit and drag reduction.

Arena Carbon Flex Jammer

The Arena Carbon Flex Jammer uses Carbon Pro technology for a lightweight swimsuit that offers the advantages you want. It is the first jammer to use the patented V-Flex system that offers a comfortable fit without reducing range of motion. This competitive swimwear also offers intelligent compression and the Power Return System that features bonded seams and elastic taping designed to release stored energy when it is needed most.

Buying the right competitive swimwear for men allows you to get the most out of your time in the water. While this swimwear won’t make you a better swimmer, it can improve your performance by giving you all the advantages you need so you can perform your best. However, when you look at all the swimsuits available, it can often be overwhelming. With the help of this guide, you can pick from the best technical jammers for 2016 so you can look good in and out of the water.

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Top 3 Women’s Technical Racing Suits for 2016

Competitive swimwear includes technical racing suits.
Technical racing suits are viable options for competitive swimwear.

Technical racing suits have been developed to help swimmers move more effectively through the water. These suits offer more coverage than traditional suits and are filled with features that make swimmers more effective in the water. While some people feel this type of competitive swimwear gives the swimmer an unfair advantage in the water, all of these technical racing suits must meet FINA’s stringent standards. The following are the top three women’s technical swimsuits.

Speedo LZR Racer X Open Back Kneeskin

The Speedo LZR Racer X Open Back Kneeskin is made from a revolutionary fabric that provides compression in all the right places to streamline swimmers in the water. It also allows for greater freedom of motion than many other competitive swimsuits. With its comfortable fit, ab activators and appropriate support, swimmers will find they can more effectively move through the water, reducing swim times.

Arena Carbon Flex Open Back Kneeskin

If you prefer another brand, the Arena Carbon Flex Open Back Kneeskin features a unique fabric that weaves carbon fibers directly into the suit for a comfortable fit and lightweight design. Not only will you enjoy improved freedom of movement over traditional competitive swimwear, but you will also experience greater hydrodynamics so you can move seamlessly through the water. With intelligent compression and the power return system, which stores and releases energy as swimmers need it, this swimwear offers swimmers a competitive advantages without breaking regulations.

TYR Women’s Aviator Prelude Open Back Swimsuit

The third technical swimsuit in the top three is the TYR Women’s Aviator Prelude Open Back Swimsuit. This suit uses hydrosphere technology to work with the swimmer’s current abilities to optimize body positioning in the water. It also features Speed Dry Fabrication to keep swimmers dry when they aren’t spending their time in the water.

When you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear, you should be looking at the women’s technical swimsuits. These swimsuits are designed to provide the optimal coverage, as well as advantages swimmers can use to move more effectively through the water. These top choices tap into the vast experiences of some of the top brands in the swimming industry. With their industry experience, you can count on getting a swimsuit that fits great and provides the features you need to be a better swimmer.

If you’re looking for competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. D & J Sports carries a variety of swimwear options so you can find the ideal option for your needs.