4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

Whether you’re new to competitive swimming or you’ve been participating for some time, you likely realize there are a lot of items you need to take back and forth with you to the pool. One of the best ways to make sure you have everything you need on hand is to buy the best swim backpacks on the market. However, if you’ve looked before, you likely understand just how many backpacks are available. How do you know which one is the best option for you? The following tips will help you make the best possible choice.

There are many options when it comes to choosing swim backpacks.
Consider these tips to find the best swim backpacks.

Overall Size

First and foremost, you need to think about how many items you’ll need to take with you. While you don’t want a backpack that’s overly large, it’s essential to make sure you’ll have enough room for everything you need each time you head to the pool. If the backpack is too small, you’ll need to invest in another in a short period of time.


Just like any other type of backpack you may purchase, swim backpacks can be made from a number of materials. First, it’s important to make sure the material from which it is made is durable and will hold up to repeated use over a long period of time. However, this isn’t the only concern. In addition, you want to be sure the fabric will dry quickly in the event it gets wet and is easy to clean.

Plenty of Storage

Swimmers have a lot of needs when it comes to a backpack. Not only do you carry a lot of smaller items like swim goggles, swim caps and more, but you also will need to transport items that will be wet after you spend time in the pool. This means you need a backpack with plenty of storage compartments for each need. A waterproof compartment for your swimsuit and other wet items is a must to ensure other items stay dry. It’s also important to keep all of the smaller items organized so you always know where they are.

Easy to Carry

Another essential factor is making sure the backpack isn’t too bulky to carry around with you. Some designs simply aren’t meant to be carried for long periods of time. Once your backpack is filled with the items you need for a successful swim, you’ll need to be able to easily carry it wherever you need to go, even if you’re fatigued from a long workout in the pool.

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6 Essential Items to Pack for a Kid’s Swim Meet

6 Essential Items to Pack for a Kid’s Swim Meet

You can fit everything you need in swim backpacks.
Swim backpacks are designed to carry everything you need.

As you prepare for your child’s next swim meet, odds are you will have to help them pack their swim backpacks with the things they need. Using a checklist can ensure you don’t forget anything, giving your child all the tools they need to have a successful meet.

Competition Swimsuit

Competitive swimwear is perhaps one of the most important things to pack. However, it can also be the easiest to forget when you are so focused on not forgetting the other items. It may be best to pack a backup as well, just in case something happens.


Another essential tool for every swimmer is the best swimming goggles, such as the Vanquisher goggles. This is another item it can be useful to carry two simply because they are small and easy to misplace. Even if your child may simply place them in the wrong pocket, having a second pair will ensure they have one when they need it.

Swim Caps

While you’re packing things in twos, swim caps should be another item on that list. Whether a cap becomes torn or misplaced, it’s good to have another on hand. Be sure the caps meet the standards set for the swim meet.


Your swimmer will need a good way to dry off after spending time in the water. Packing a few towels will ensure your child can always be dry, whether they are in between races or it’s the end of the meet and time to get ready to go home. Again, having multiple towels is the best option.

Swim Shampoo and Conditioner

Taking a shower to rinse out the chlorine is critical to keep your hair and skin healthy. This is why you need to make sure to buy special swim shampoo and conditioner, such as the Zealios brand. These products are designed to safely and effectively remove chlorine and other chemicals to keep your hair  as healthy as possible.

Healthy Snacks

Swimming is hard work and your child will likely be hungry either during or directly after the meet. Pack some high powered, healthy snacks to help with this issue. Energy bars and trail mix are both excellent choices. Try to avoid sugary snacks because they don’t offer benefits.

Competitive swimwear products are an important part of packing swim backpacks. As you help your child prepare for their next meet, be sure you are packing these six items.

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Why Customizable Gear Is Important to Swim Teams

Why Customizable Gear Is Important to Swim Teams

Enhance team spirit with customizable swim gear.
Customizable swim gear is great for teams.

Competitive swimmers need a lot of gear in order to perform their best. While most people understand purchasing their own competitive swimwear is essential, it can be just as important to buy other customizable swim gear for the entire team. When you choose to purchase swim gear customized for your team, you will create a more cohesive feel, promote a sense of team unity and help every swimmer feel proud in doing their best for the team.


First and foremost, your swimmers will need competitive swimwear that will reflect your team. While non-competitive teams may allow their swimmers to select their own swimwear, both in style and color, if you’re looking for more team unity, it’s important to make sure everyone looks the same. Not only should your swimmers be wearing suits that are of a similar style and in the same color scheme, but you can also further customize them by having your team’s logo or name imprinted right on the swimsuits.

Swim Caps

Another essential piece of swim gear that is easily customized is the swim cap. Purchasing custom swim caps for your entire team will further enhance the unified look of your team, allowing everyone to quickly and easily identify the members of your team. You can purchase swim caps made from a variety of materials based on the needs of each individual swimmer and then have them imprinted with your team logo or name. In some cases, you may also want to imprint an individual swimmer’s name or an identifying number, depending on your team’s unique needs.

Swim Backpacks

Although not a necessity, customizing swim backpacks for your entire team can be a great incentive for your swimmers and help them stand out. Nothing says, “we’re a team” better than entering the pool area carrying similar backpacks, all dressed the same. With the vast array of swim backpacks available, you will be able to find the one that best suits the needs of your swimmers. Many of them are also available in an array of colors so you can choose a backpack that reflects your sense of team spirit.

When you’re looking for the right way to give your team a boost in spirit and unity, customizable swim gear is the answer. Much of the gear and swimwear needed for competitive swimmers can be purchased in a rainbow of colors and many elements can also be customized, both for individual swimmers and for entire swim teams. The options are endless and the benefits are vast.

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Buy the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack at a Great New Price

Buy the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack at a Great New Price

Swim Gear
Having the right swim backpack means being able to store all your gear.

Swimmers have a lot of gear they need to carry with them wherever they go. While they could always keep a majority of their gear in any backpack or duffel bag, choosing a special swim backpack is often the better option for many reasons. Unfortunately, some of these backpacks can often be costly, causing swimmers to choose cheaper options that aren’t specifically designed with swim gear in mind. Today, you can pick up the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack at a great new price: just $19.95, down from $40.

Special Features for Swim Backpacks

When you buy a specialized swim backpack, you will enjoy many features you just can’t find in other backpacks or simple duffel bags. Swim backpacks often have separate compartments to keep your wet and dry gear separated. The wet compartments are lined to ensure the moisture doesn’t make its way into the dry compartments. The wet pockets are also vented to help prevent mold and mildew issues with your swimwear and other wet items. These backpacks also features specially designed compartments that will safely store all your gear, including swim caps, goggles, MP3 players, shampoo, cell phone and more. Everything will be kept safe and sound until you are ready to use it or store it when you get home.

Store Your Items in Style

Not all backpacks are as attractive as people want them to be. The Swim Stuff Swim Backpack is an attractive option that looks great and is functional as well. The backpack is large enough to hold all your gear without being overly large and bulky to carry. In addition to being the perfect size and looking fashionable, swimmers have their choice of black, blue, red and navy so swimmers can choose the one that looks best with their favorite swimwear or matches their team’s colors.

Owning a specialized swim backpack is an absolute necessity for those who spend a lot of time in the pool. These backpacks give you plenty of space to store all your necessary swim gear, including your swimsuit, towel, goggles, cell phone and more. In addition to having plenty of space, they are also able to handle all your wet items with ease. However, just because these backpacks are specialized doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. The Swim Stuff Backpack is now only $19.95, giving you a great savings for the storage options you need.

New Colors for the Speedo Pro Backpack

New Colors for the Speedo Pro Backpack

Swim Backpack
The right swim backpack is essential to carry all your gear.

When you are a swimmer, you need to be able to easily transport your suit, towel and other swimming gear from one place to another. You will spend a lot of your time at the pool, for both practices and meets, which means you need a great backpack that will provide you with everything you need. However, not just any backpack will do. You need one that is specially designed with the swimmer in mind to make sure it meets your exact needs, including storage for wet items.

Several New Colors

The Speedo Pro backpack has always come in a wide variety of colors, including red, black, orange, yellow, navy and pink. This hasn’t stopped Speedo from coming out with several brand new colors so you can further diversify your swim backpack. They have recently released four new colors, including camouflage, turquoise/lime, black/pink and Kelly green. This gives you a total of 19 great colors from which you can choose, reducing the chances of having the same bag as anyone else.

Plenty of Pockets

Swimmers have a lot of gear. It’s more than just your swimsuit and towel, as well as a place to store your clothes while you are in the pool. You need a swim backpack that has a lot of pockets so you can have a special place for everything. Many swimmers also use a swim cap, swim goggles and sometimes carry swim training gear with them. Some swimmers even have a water-proof MP3 player to keep them entertained or relaxed between races or during practices. The Speedo Pro backpack has plenty of mesh pockets so you can keep everything where you can easily find it.

Great Quality

There is good reason why this swim backpack is one of the top selling backpacks on the market for this purpose. In addition to the vast amount of storage space, including separated compartments, within the bag, this backpack is of the highest quality. It will hold up well, no matter how often you take your gear to the pool. You won’t have to worry about anything getting wet due to the rubberized bottom. You will feel comfortable as well with the adjustable comfort straps.

If you are in the market for a new swim backpack, the Speedo Pro backpack is one of the best available. This backpack allows you to fit everything you need in a fashionable bag you can purchase to match your personal sense of style.

Finding the Best Swim Backpack

Finding the Best Swim Backpack

Swim Backpacks
Swim backpacks allow swimmers to keep all their gear together.

Swimming competitively brings the need for carrying many items to help your meet be as successful as possible. In order to have everything you need with you all in one bag, it is important to find the best swim backpack that is functional, comfortable and long-lasting. Each of these swim backpacks comes in a variety of colors for the perfect match.

Speedo Backpack

The Speedo Pro Backpack offers the performance any competitive swimmer needs. The water-resistant bottom allows this backpack to protect, even near the water. One of the most important features of this Speedo swim backpack is the wet pockets that allow you to carry a wet swimsuit or towel without worrying about damaging dry items. With a large number of pockets and ergonomic shoulder straps, you can stay organized and stylish with this Speedo backpack.

Nike Swim Backpack

The Nike Team Swim Backpack offers a stiff bottom that keeps the bag upright, preventing its contents from spilling out, while also providing the water proof bottom to allow you to put the bag as close to the water as you need while competing. The mesh pocket gives you the option to store your wet items away from everything else in your backpack. With a special compartment for shoes, sunglasses, cell phones and keys, you will be able to stay organized so you can focus on your big swim meet.

Swim Stuff Swimmer’s Backpack

For the swimmer who needs a companion that allows you to put everything in its place, the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack is perfect. Whether you need a place to store your swim shampoo or goggles or a way to keep your wet and dry clothes separate, this backpack can handle it all for you.

TYR Swim Backpack

The TYR Alliance Team Backpack 2 is designed just for swimmers with its two carabiners to hang suits and mesh compartment that encourages suits to dry quickly. With two separate compartments for wet and dry clothes, everything will stay safe in this swim backpack. With a dedicated pouch for goggles, MP3 players and various other pouches, competitive swimmers will love how organized and efficient they feel at their swim meets.

Arena Team Backpack

The Arena Team Backpack is perfect for swimmers on the go. This swim backpack features a separate compartment for all your wet items, padded shoulder straps and a water-resistant bottom to best fit all your needs. The main compartment is large, allowing you to carry everything you need to the pool. Organization is also easy due to the small side pockets, perfect for storing all your small necessities.