Finding the Best Swim Backpack

Finding the Best Swim Backpack

Swim Backpacks
Swim backpacks allow swimmers to keep all their gear together.

Swimming competitively brings the need for carrying many items to help your meet be as successful as possible. In order to have everything you need with you all in one bag, it is important to find the best swim backpack that is functional, comfortable and long-lasting. Each of these swim backpacks comes in a variety of colors for the perfect match.

Speedo Backpack

The Speedo Pro Backpack offers the performance any competitive swimmer needs. The water-resistant bottom allows this backpack to protect, even near the water. One of the most important features of this Speedo swim backpack is the wet pockets that allow you to carry a wet swimsuit or towel without worrying about damaging dry items. With a large number of pockets and ergonomic shoulder straps, you can stay organized and stylish with this Speedo backpack.

Nike Swim Backpack

The Nike Team Swim Backpack offers a stiff bottom that keeps the bag upright, preventing its contents from spilling out, while also providing the water proof bottom to allow you to put the bag as close to the water as you need while competing. The mesh pocket gives you the option to store your wet items away from everything else in your backpack. With a special compartment for shoes, sunglasses, cell phones and keys, you will be able to stay organized so you can focus on your big swim meet.

Swim Stuff Swimmer’s Backpack

For the swimmer who needs a companion that allows you to put everything in its place, the Swim Stuff Swim Backpack is perfect. Whether you need a place to store your swim shampoo or goggles or a way to keep your wet and dry clothes separate, this backpack can handle it all for you.

TYR Swim Backpack

The TYR Alliance Team Backpack 2 is designed just for swimmers with its two carabiners to hang suits and mesh compartment that encourages suits to dry quickly. With two separate compartments for wet and dry clothes, everything will stay safe in this swim backpack. With a dedicated pouch for goggles, MP3 players and various other pouches, competitive swimmers will love how organized and efficient they feel at their swim meets.

Arena Team Backpack

The Arena Team Backpack is perfect for swimmers on the go. This swim backpack features a separate compartment for all your wet items, padded shoulder straps and a water-resistant bottom to best fit all your needs. The main compartment is large, allowing you to carry everything you need to the pool. Organization is also easy due to the small side pockets, perfect for storing all your small necessities.