4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

Whether you’re new to competitive swimming or you’ve been participating for some time, you likely realize there are a lot of items you need to take back and forth with you to the pool. One of the best ways to make sure you have everything you need on hand is to buy the best swim backpacks on the market. However, if you’ve looked before, you likely understand just how many backpacks are available. How do you know which one is the best option for you? The following tips will help you make the best possible choice.

There are many options when it comes to choosing swim backpacks.
Consider these tips to find the best swim backpacks.

Overall Size

First and foremost, you need to think about how many items you’ll need to take with you. While you don’t want a backpack that’s overly large, it’s essential to make sure you’ll have enough room for everything you need each time you head to the pool. If the backpack is too small, you’ll need to invest in another in a short period of time.


Just like any other type of backpack you may purchase, swim backpacks can be made from a number of materials. First, it’s important to make sure the material from which it is made is durable and will hold up to repeated use over a long period of time. However, this isn’t the only concern. In addition, you want to be sure the fabric will dry quickly in the event it gets wet and is easy to clean.

Plenty of Storage

Swimmers have a lot of needs when it comes to a backpack. Not only do you carry a lot of smaller items like swim goggles, swim caps and more, but you also will need to transport items that will be wet after you spend time in the pool. This means you need a backpack with plenty of storage compartments for each need. A waterproof compartment for your swimsuit and other wet items is a must to ensure other items stay dry. It’s also important to keep all of the smaller items organized so you always know where they are.

Easy to Carry

Another essential factor is making sure the backpack isn’t too bulky to carry around with you. Some designs simply aren’t meant to be carried for long periods of time. Once your backpack is filled with the items you need for a successful swim, you’ll need to be able to easily carry it wherever you need to go, even if you’re fatigued from a long workout in the pool.

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