Technical Suits – Are They All in Your Head?

Technical Suits – Are They All in Your Head?

Technical Racing Suits
Technical racing suits can provide an advantage in the water.

Technical racing swimsuits have seen their fair share of controversy over whether they are crossing the line into giving individuals an unfair advantage in the pool. However, as long as you choose a swimsuit that falls within the FINA guidelines, you can wear it in your competitions. The question remains, though, is the advantage all in your head or is there a true advantage to using these advanced racing suits for your competitions.

Contouring Features

One of the best advantages of the technical swimsuits is the contouring they perform with the body. Instead of simply covering your body, the materials in these suits are designed to compress certain areas of the body to create better hydrodynamics. This can lead t faster swim times without the need to change anything about the way you swim. While you still need to know how to swim properly, these swimsuits make your body better able to glide through the water unimpeded. The Speedo LZR Elite Recordbreaker Kneeskin and Jammer are great examples of this contouring and compression.

A More Streamlined Effect

Many of the technical swimsuits on the market, including the Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2, use other materials that tighten the weave on the fabrics from which swimwear is made. In this case, the additional fibers are made from lightweight carbon. This means it is more likely to repel the water, rather than absorb some of it and create more friction that can slow a swimmer down. However, it is important to make sure you choose a swimsuit that doesn’t violate FINA guidelines if you intend to wear it for competitions.

Is the Higher Cost Worth It?

One of the primary concerns over the technical racing suits is whether they are worth their high cost. The high cost can also give some swimmers an advantage over those who can’t afford to pay for them. If you can afford it, though, buying a technical swim suit for your competitions will ensure that you have the latest swimwear that will enhance your performance in the water.

Technical swimsuits, such as the Speedo LZR Elite and the Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2, can be a great advantage. It won’t make you a better swimmer, but it can improve your speeds in the water due to its construction. You will still need to master the basic swimming techniques. The goal is to make swimmers more hydrodynamic to help them move more easily through the water, improving performance.

If you are interested in technical racing suits, contact us for a full listing of FINA-approved competitive swimwear.

The New Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2

The New Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2

Competitive Swimwear
The new Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 offers maximum compression and support.

The Arena Carbon Pro swimsuit has now lost its FINA approval, which leaves swimmers looking for a new competitive swimsuit. To compensate for the recall of this popular swimwear, Arena now makes the Carbon Pro Mark 2. This revolutionary swimwear uses the same carbon fiber technology as its predecessor in a way that is FINA-approved for competitive swimming on all levels.

Optimal Compression

When it comes to competitive swimwear, it is essential to have proper compression to ensure you are more aerodynamic in the water. Both males and females have trouble spots that need maximum compression for greater performance in the water. The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 competitive swimwear offers compression in the exact locations swimmers need to help them move through the water seamlessly at faster speeds. In addition to offering the appropriate compression, this competitive swimwear also offers support where swimmers need it most for optimal comfort.

Great for Men and Women

The Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 is an incredible option for both men and women. The men can enjoy this suit in the popular jammer design that covers the upper legs and provides the appropriate compression and support where men need it the most. For women, Arena has constructed the Carbon Pro Mark 2 in the popular open back kneeskin design. This design offers the coverage women desire, combined with the same compression and support that is found in the men’s version. Both versions are the perfect option for those who are looking for a suit that supports optimal performance.

A Variety of Colors

When the Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 was first introduced, it was only available in charcoal gray. Today, this swimwear is available in three colors so swimmers can choose the color they prefer. In addition to the charcoal gray, swimmers may also choose orange or cyan for their suit. These colors offer an incredible look for any swimmer.

Whether you already own one of the older Arena Carbon Pro suits or you are in the market for a new competitive swimsuit, the new Arena Carbon Pro Mark 2 is a great option for all swimmers. This suit utilizes the latest carbon technology to create the proper fit and compression swimmers need to do their best in the water. Arena is excited to launch this newest suit to add to its collection of competitive swimwear and accessories to help swimmers make the most of their time in the water.