Choosing the Right Backstroke Swim Flags

Choosing the Right Backstroke Swim Flags

Backstroke Flags
Customizing your backstroke flags gives your pool a professional appearance.

When you have swimmers who swim the backstroke in your pool, it is essential to have appropriate backstroke flags installed to prevent serious accidents. Some swimmers who regularly swim at your pool can tell how close to the wall they are by counting their strokes, but that can become tedious and it doesn’t help those who are unfamiliar with your pool. In order to keep everyone safe, it is important to find the right backstroke swim flags to hang up at your pool to ensure safety for everyone.

100-Foot Backstroke Flags

If you are looking for an affordable option to mark your pool with, the 100-Foot Backstroke Flags are perfect. Made from vinyl, they are available in a variety of colors, enabling you to coordinate them with your team’s colors. You can also choose multi colored flags that include five colors, alternating throughout the entire string. They easily tie onto sturdy poles and are perfectly spaced according to the standards of AAU and NCAA.

Custom Pennants

For true customization of the backstroke flags at your pool, there are Custom Backstroke Flags available. They are sold individually, allowing you to purchase as few as one or as many as you need for your pool. These quality flags are durable and long lasting. The custom pennants come without the rope, making it necessary to purchase the rope to string them according to regulation, which is typically one flag for every foot of space. You can order the custom flags in any quantity and color sequence that represents your school or team or purchase multiple colors.

Custom Lettering

To make your flags stand out even further, you can customize the lettering placed on them to further their authenticity. You can choose to spell out your team name, use lane numbers or any other letters/numbers that work well in conjunction with your pool to enlist team spirit and to give a professional look to the area.

Rope and Swivel Hooks

If you purchase custom pennants, you need quality rope, as well as swivel hooks, to professionally hang them so they meet the regulation requirements. The swivel hooks are easy to install and instantly give your pool a professional appearance. They also offer the ability to put your backstroke swim flags up quickly, as well as take them down and store them until the next time you need them.

Swimming Pool Backstroke Flags

Swimming Pool Backstroke Flags

Plastic Backstroke Flags
Backstroke flags let swimmers know where the end of the pool is.

The backstroke is one of the most difficult strokes in the pool because you aren’t able to see where the edge of the pool is while you are swimming. Unless you know exactly how many strokes it takes to get across the pool and count your strokes as you swim, you can easily become disoriented and run into the side of the pool or attempt your turn too early. The best way to avoid this is by using swimming pool backstroke flags to let swimmers know they are approaching the end of the pool.

Backstroke Flag Options

When you are outfitting your pool, you will find there are many options for backstroke flags. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, your best option is the generic plastic backstroke flags that are available in 100 foot lengths. These plastic flags come in a variety of color pairings so you can pick your team’s colors or any other color that fits your pool. If you prefer something that is more customized, you can build your own backstroke flags in any length, color and design. All you need is to purchase your customized pennants with logos, letters or pictures, rope and swivel hooks.

Uses for Backstroke Flags

The backstroke flags have a primary purpose of letting swimmers know they are approaching the end of the pool so they don’t become injured and can finish the race or make a turn if necessary. The flags must be suspended from the ceiling across the end of the pool at a regulation five meters from the end of the pool. All swimmers will know that they will need to prepare for the wall when they see these flags over their heads as they swim along on their backs. This provides a visual clue so swimmers can focus on technique, rather than a fear of the end of the pool.

Buying swimming pool backstroke flags that match your swim team or the colors of the event you are hosting is important any time you will hold a backstroke race. Using these flags during practices will also help you swimmers learn what to look for. As long as you place these flags at the regulation length from the edge of the pool — five meters — your swimmers will know just what to do when they see these flags above, no matter where they are. Whether you purchase a premade string or create your own, these flags are a great addition to your pool.