BlueSeventy Nero and Aquazone Renegade Suits Now Available

blueseventy approvedThe Blueseventy Nero and the Aquazone Renegade suits are in stock now and ready to ship just in time for the summer long course swimming season championship meets. Blue Seventy Nero swimskins were re-approved by FINA and are legal for the 2009 swimming year. Things might change for 2010 but now is the time to get your blue 70 swimsuits for this summers sectional swim meets, long course LSC JO’s, and zone meets. The Aquazone Renegade swimsuits are also instock now and they are also FINA Approved for USA Swimming meets. Also on the approval list are the Speedo LZR Racer swimsuits and the TYR Tracer swimsuits.

Many of you have asked what is the best swim suit? Is it the Blueseventy Nero or the Aquazone Renegade or the Speedo LZR Racer? The results are obvious that they all preform amazingly well in the water and will improve your times in the pool. The Blue Seventy Nero and the Aqua Zone Renegade both utilize the Yamamoto SCS fabric which is extremely fast and has a very small drag coefficient, while the Speedo LZR swimsuit uses bonded seams, and specially designed panels to reduce drag and increase speed in the water. For the money the Blue Seventy and Aqua Zone swimsuits cannot be beat they are less expensive than the Speedo LZR and they will fit like a glove when you put one on. The Aquazone Renegade features specially located Lycra panels to achieve one of the best fits of any racing swimsuit. The Speedo LZR has smashed countless swimming records around the world but it requires a little more effort to achieve the correct fitting. Too small and you might rip the LZR pulse fabric and too big you will get wrinkles thus reducing the effects of this amazing swimsuit. We will let you and your record breaking new times be the judge of the fastest swimsuit.

Blue Seventy Nero and Aqua Zone Renegade Suits are Now Shipping

The Blue Seventy Nero swimsuits and the Aqua Zone Renegade swimsuits are back in-stock and shipping. Be sure to order yours today before they are sold out again. Both of these new racing suits are smashing swimming time records across the country and throughout the world. The super fast Yamamoto SCS fabric with hydrophobic skin and a drag coefficient of only 0.032 (over 50 times lower than skin) accually reduces friction drag through the water. Helix technology improves fit and allows for a better swim stroke. Blue 70 and Aqua Zone Renegade are both approved for use in all FINA events. The D&J Sports swimshop is now shipping racing swimsuits for YMCA nationals and other championship swim meets.

Aqua Zone Renegade Racing Suits Now Available

The Aqua Zone Renegade racing swimsuits are a specially designed suit to challenge the speed with the irreverence of those who challenge their limits. The Renegade is structurally designed to suit the high performance swimmer who trains aggressively to achieve extraordinary results. Manufactured with the latest Japanese technology based on water drag coefficient to improve speed. By using compression on specific body areas it eliminates passive drag caused by the natural movement of muscles. One of the best swimsuits on the planet for the best swimming performance. FINA has approved this suit. It is acceptable for all international, USASwimming, and NCAA competitions. Please check with your local high school regulatory body or USA Swimming Local Swim Committee (LSC) to make sure that no local regulations prohibit the suit. The Aquazone Renegade is made of the same material made popular by the Blue Seventy Company, with superior manufacturing at a better price. These suits are resistant to pool chemicals which make this suit last for a full season or fast racing.


The new Aqua Zone Renegade swimsuits are now available for purchase. They come in several different body styles for both men and women. The Aqua Zone Renegade men’s styles include the Full Body suit, the Knee Suit, and the Legskin suit or Ankle suit. The Aqua Zone Renegade women’s styles include the Full Body suit, the Knee Suit and the Strap Suit or record breaker back leg suit. Get yours now at D&J Sports.