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New Aqua Zone Renegade
New Aqua Zone Renegade




Looking for performance? Aqua Zone is dedicated to helping swimmers of all ages dare to dream. They are leading swimsuit manufacturer from Mexico and now they have a swimsuit made of the same extremely fast fabric as the Blue Seventy Nero swimsuits. The Aqua Zone Renegade swimsuits are designed for the high performance swimmer that trains and competes to achieve extraordinary results. RENEGADE Dreamed by many, designed by Aqua Zone. Made with a Nylon elastic Knitted fabric with our unique nano super composite skin technology that reduces water absorption while providing flexibility, durability and comfort. The Renegade is 4 times less resistant to water and low drag coefficient, high water repellency, and it is light weight and quick drying. The perfect fit to help streamline the body and undulation reduction. You will see this suit on many college teams across the country this championship season.


– Engineered compression in targeted areas along the muscular contours of the body optimizing performance.

– Keep water in its place! Our “hydrophobic” fabric coated with a micro neoprene layer provides an amazing a 0.032 drag coefficient (over 50 times less than shaved skin) combined with a Low profile silhouette, Water repellency, Highly compressive, chlorine resistant, fast drying and you’ve got yourself the best damn suit in the world!!!!

– This suit will last you a whole season, not just 3 swim meets.

– One more thing, the Aqua Zone Renegade suit is approved by FINA for Pool and open water events.




Blue Seventy Legskins Now Available

 Blue Seventy has a brand new style of their popular Nero Comp swimsuits, it is the male Blue Seventy Nero Legskin. The new legskin swimsuit is made of the same Yamamoto SCS fabric with hydrophobic skin and a drag coefficient of only 0.032 (over 50 times lower than skin), that reduces friction drag through the water. Helix technology improves fit and allows for a better swim stroke. This might possibly be the fastest legskin swimsuit now on the market. For the price it is a great bargain when compared to the Speedo LRZ Legskin. Men’s swimming times are sure to continue to drop with the addition of the new Blueseventy Nero Legskin. Get your Blue Seventy leg swimsuit today at D&J Sports.

Performance Enhancing Suits

With the first female world record of 2009 now in the books, questions are in the air as to when or if FINA will step in soon to make a ruling. Sakai Shiho, of Japan, is the first female to break a world swimming record in 2009. In the 100m back at the Japan Open, she set a short-course record of 56.15 seconds. The previous mark of 56.51 set by Natalie Coughlin of the United States.

There is no question that swimsuits like the Speedo LZR and the Blue Seventy Nero Swimskin have enhanced performance. The critical issues are the fabric and the testing procedures to be performed by FINA. It remains to be seen if any rules will be changed and when they would go into effect, some new rules may not go in effect until 2010. Below is the FINA statement from February 20, 2009:

The FINA statement:

FINA, represented by its Executive and Technical Swimming Commission, Legal, Coaches and Athletes Commissions’ representatives, held today a meeting in Lausanne (SUI) with representatives of 16 swimwear manufacturers in order to examine amendments of the current ‘FINA Requirements for Swimwear Approval’. 

Based on FINA’s proposals and contributions discussed at the meeting, the FINA Bureau at its meeting on March 12-14, 2009 in Dubai (UAE) will consider amendments which include:

  • DESIGN: The swimsuit shall not cover the neck and shall not extend past the shoulders nor past the ankles;
  • MATERIAL – The material used shall have a maximum thickness of 1mm; When used, the material shall follow the body shape; The application of different materials shall not create air trapping effects;
  • BUOYANCY: The swimsuit shall not have a buoyancy effect of more than 1 Newton (100gr);
  • CONSTRUCTION:Any system providing external stimulation or influence of any form (e.g. pain reduction, chemical/medical substance release, electro-stimulation) is prohibited;
  • CUSTOMISATION: All swimsuits of an approved model must be constructed in an identical fashion with no variation/modification for individual swimmers from the samples submitted for approval;
  • USE: The swimmer can only wear one swimsuit at a time;
  • CONTROL: FINA will establish its own independent control/testing programme. Scientific testing will be conducted by a team led by Prof. Jan-Anders Manson, from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and Laboratory of Polymer and Composite Technology;
  • APPROVAL: Swimwear manufacturers will be able to make submissions for approval of swimsuits until March 31, 2009. 

In a further step, rules applicable from January 1, 2010 will also be examined by the Bureau.

One of the main aspects to be considered is the limitation of the use of non-permeable material.

 “FINA has studied this matter very carefully, and together with all interested parties and the scientific expertise of EPFL, we have reached the best possible result. With these amendments, FINA shows that it continues to monitor the evolution of the sport’s equipment with the main objective of keeping the integrity of sport. While we need to remain open to evolution, the most important factors must be the athletes’ preparation and physical condition on achieving their performances” – FINA President Mustapha Larfaoui, Feb 20, 2009.

END of statement.

Blue Seventy Avaliable Soon

The most popular swimsuit of the short course championship season is almost completely sold out. The new Blue Seventy Nero swimsuit has been sold at a phenomenal rate this month and only a few odd sizes remain on the shelves of a few swim shops. The performance of the Blue Seventy Nero Swimskin racing suit has helped propel it to the top right along side of the Speedo LZR Racer and the TYR Tracer Rise. The Speedo LZR Racer has been selling out and delivery is taking longer for Speedo USA since there is only one factory supplying the whole world with the LZR. The lower price of the Nero Swimskin and delivery problems with Speedo have certainly helped Blue Seventy sell more suits this season. Blue Seventy is expecting to start shipping more Nero swimsuits at the end of the month so swim shops like D&J Sports will have BlueSeventy suits in stock during the first week of March. Just in time for the last couple rounds of championship swim meets.

Blueseventy suits flying off the shelf

Quick update on the championship swimming season. The demand for full body racing suits has started to exceed the supply and many swim shops are quickly running out of racing suits. There is now more pressure than ever before for age group swimmers, high school swimmers, and collegiate swimmers to wear the full body racing suits. These new swimskins have quickly become a necessity for any fast swimmer. The top suits in 2009 are by far the Speedo LZR Racer and the Blueseventy Nero Comp swimskin. Due to the overwhelming demand Speedo is running low on the supply of LZR suits and many swimmers are switching to the Blueseventy suit. Both of these suits are hard to find and only a select few swim shops are able to meet the demand. D&J Sports has been able to get it’s hands on a large supply of Speedo LZR and Blueseventy Nero Swimskins but they are going quickly and will not last much longer. Be sure to order your racing suit now before they are all gone.

Blue Seventy Nero Suits Now Avaliable On-line

You have heard and seen them and now you can buy one.  D&J Sports has just added the Blue Seventy swimskins to their on-line swim store. There has been a lot of controversy about these new suits. Many LSCs have banned these suits but the fact remains is that these have been approved by FINA as a valid swimsuit for competition. These suits have been shown to improve swimmers times by hundreds of seconds all the way to multiple seconds from some swimmers. The unique fabric has been designed for performance. The Blue Seventy Nero Comp swimskins have an enhanced fit that is tighter and reduces drag and improves speed in the water. There are two different styles of the Nero Comp, the full body and the knee style. The full body increase the muscle compression and skin coverage for maximum performance. The knee style give the swimmer more freedom of motion for strokes like breaststroke. Whatever your choice is the Blue Seventy Nero Comp is a great choice and extremely fast suit.