Blue Seventy Nero Suits Now Avaliable On-line

Blue Seventy Nero Suits Now Avaliable On-line

You have heard and seen them and now you can buy one.  D&J Sports has just added the Blue Seventy swimskins to their on-line swim store. There has been a lot of controversy about these new suits. Many LSCs have banned these suits but the fact remains is that these have been approved by FINA as a valid swimsuit for competition. These suits have been shown to improve swimmers times by hundreds of seconds all the way to multiple seconds from some swimmers. The unique fabric has been designed for performance. The Blue Seventy Nero Comp swimskins have an enhanced fit that is tighter and reduces drag and improves speed in the water. There are two different styles of the Nero Comp, the full body and the knee style. The full body increase the muscle compression and skin coverage for maximum performance. The knee style give the swimmer more freedom of motion for strokes like breaststroke. Whatever your choice is the Blue Seventy Nero Comp is a great choice and extremely fast suit.

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