Fillable Pull Buoy

Fillable Pull Buoy

Are you having trouble doing pull sets when swimming? Is your pull buoy too big or too small? Or are you having trouble figuring out what size pull buoy to use? The correct size pull buoy should keep your legs level with your body. Many people buy a buoy that is too big and causes your head to submarine into the water and your stroke then will break down. If the buoy is too small then your legs will drag in the water. The new Speedo Fillable Pull Buoy can be filled with water to vary floatation & drag. Buoyancy can be adjusted to provide proper body position for any swimmer, allowing for individual variances in the swimmer’s buoyancy, body position and ability. Buoyancy can be adjusted to increase or decrease drag during pulling sets. Neoprene cushion sides provide extra comfort & non-slip surface. Easy fill & drain valve allows for quick filling & draining.

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