TYR’s Newest Goggle

TYR’s Newest Goggle

Technoflex 4.0 Swim Goggle
Technoflex 4.0 Swim Goggle

One of the newest swim goggles now avaiable is a new take on a classic design. The all new TYR Technoflex 4.0 swim goggle is the next generation in the evolution of the Technoflex goggle line. TYR was the first brand to revolutionize the uni-body design of the swimming goggle with the original Technoflex goggle. It feature a one piece frame that was made of a soft pliable silicone gasket material. This unique design was quickly copied by many swim goggle companies because of the great comfort and fit that it provided to the swimmer. Over the years TYR has continued to develop their Technoflex goggle and they have made it more comfortable and better fitting. They have also extended the line to a junior goggle that is great for children. Now with the next release in the Technoflex line they have also created a female version called the Technoflex 4.0 Femme that is a perfect fit for women, who typically have narrower faces than men. The TYR Technoflex 4.0 goggle features a revolutionary dual injection manufacturing process. It incorporates differing harness densities of thermo-plastic rubber. The stiffer durometer material provides frame rigidy to prevent nose bridge stretch. The gaskets are injected with a softer durameter material to provide greater comfort and fit. This all combines for one of the most comfortable and best fitting swimming goggles on the market.

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