Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts
TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts

You don’t worry about records or recognition. You don’t have the time. As our protector in and around the water, you must focus on ensuring the safety of others, not the glory of yourself. You pay attention to your surroundings and are aware of anything that may seem even slightly out of place.

TYR has constructed their Guard line with the same unwavering focus. The TYR lifeguard swimsuits feature the long lasting Durafast fabric which is designed to resist sun and chlorine damage while also staying colorfast and comfortable. With the TYR Guard suits, your focus can stay where it’s supposed to. On safety, not your equipment.

The new TYR lifeguard suits are available for both women and men. The female styles include one piece lifeguard suits, 2 piece lifeguard suits, life guard cover up shorts, and lifeguard t-shirts. The TYR Microback Guard suit will give you the least amount of tan lines this summer while you are up on the guard stand. The TYR male guard styles include male guard shorts, lifeguard boardshorts, the popular TYR Guard Challenger Trunk, and male guard t-shirts.

TYR has engineered their lifeguard line with the same advanced aquatic technology as their unbeatable competitive swimsuit line. As literal life savers, you deserve the best like long-lasting swimsuits with sun resistance and chlorine protection.

One thought on “Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

  1. The TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts are nice. It’s fit in the body and which is really good. Another good designed for men to avoid sunburn while standing the heat of the sun, that would help.

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