The TYR Swim Suit Line

The TYR Swim Suit Line

Protect your eyes with TYR custom goggles.
TYR custom goggles offer the ideal fit and protection.

When you want quality competitive swimwear, it’s important to find the right products at the most affordable prices. The typical swimwear you find at your local department store isn’t durable enough to serve you well through many hours at the pool. It also isn’t designed with competition in mind. For this reason, it’s best to turn to the best in swimwear brands. TYR recently introduced their latest catalog, which includes TYR custom goggles, lifeguard swimsuits and racing suits.

TYR Custom Goggles

One of the most important pieces of swimming equipment you need is the TYR custom goggles. You need to be able to see in the water so you always know where you are and don’t have to worry about eye irritation. The latest additions to the TYR lineup allow you to enjoy the thrill of swimming with a comfortably fitting pair of goggles. The TYR brand takes great pride in creating a number of custom swim goggles to best meet swimmers’ varying needs.

TYR Racing Suits

TYR is well known for its racing suits, giving swimmers an advantage in the water. These TYR racing suits are constantly going through development to improve their performance and help swimmers do their best. Their latest series is the AP12 collection, which is designed with turbo compression fabric and bonded four-way locking seams to give swimmers the ability to move through the water with less resistance. These suits are also designed for the most anatomical fit to ensure a comfortable fit that doesn’t hinder performance.

TYR Lifeguard Swimsuits

Competitive swimmers aren’t the only ones who need good swimsuits that need to hold up to a lot of time in the water. Lifeguards need efficient swimwear to help them perform their jobs and give individuals peace of mind they will be rescued when they need it. The collection of TYR lifeguard swimsuits is ideal for everyone who works in this important career.

TYR remains one of the top names in the swimming world. For those who are looking for quality and durability at the most affordable prices, TYR is the ideal solution. At D&J Sports, we carry a vast selection of TYR products to give you the fit and performance you need, whether you wear their swimwear or use any of their other products.

If you are looking for the best selection of TYR products, contact us. At D&J Sports, we are your TYR headquarters.

Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

Stay focused with TYR Guard Swimsuits

TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts
TYR Guard Swimsuits and T-shirts

You don’t worry about records or recognition. You don’t have the time. As our protector in and around the water, you must focus on ensuring the safety of others, not the glory of yourself. You pay attention to your surroundings and are aware of anything that may seem even slightly out of place.

TYR has constructed their Guard line with the same unwavering focus. The TYR lifeguard swimsuits feature the long lasting Durafast fabric which is designed to resist sun and chlorine damage while also staying colorfast and comfortable. With the TYR Guard suits, your focus can stay where it’s supposed to. On safety, not your equipment.

The new TYR lifeguard suits are available for both women and men. The female styles include one piece lifeguard suits, 2 piece lifeguard suits, life guard cover up shorts, and lifeguard t-shirts. The TYR Microback Guard suit will give you the least amount of tan lines this summer while you are up on the guard stand. The TYR male guard styles include male guard shorts, lifeguard boardshorts, the popular TYR Guard Challenger Trunk, and male guard t-shirts.

TYR has engineered their lifeguard line with the same advanced aquatic technology as their unbeatable competitive swimsuit line. As literal life savers, you deserve the best like long-lasting swimsuits with sun resistance and chlorine protection.