Goggle Straps Causing Drag?

Goggle Straps Causing Drag?

Mark Sptiz
Mark Spitz – Olympic Gold Medalist

It was not that long ago when Mark Spitz won all of his gold medals wearing only a nylon brief swimsuit. Goggles, swim caps, and even shaving were not necessary to beat his competition. When I say he did not shave, I am not talking about shaving his body down, I am talking about just shaving his mustache. It makes me wonder if I put on a LZR suit, goggles, and a cap — would I be able to beat Spitz?Goggle straps worn outside of the cap add about 2 – 3 per cent drag. So swimmers should always make sure that their goggle strap is inside the cap when they race and not on the outside.The difference in winning and losing a race is now so small that swimmers

Speedo Aqua V Cap
Speedo Aqua V Cap

everywhere are doing anything they can to reduce drag and increase speed. We have seen the difference that caps make and the new Speedo Aqua V cap is the next technological advancement in head wear. By using different densities of silicone, the Speedo Aqua V Cap is not only hydrodynamic, but also remains comfortable and lightweight when being worn. The multi-density design reduces drag 5% by eliminating wrinkles and holding its shape during competition. Speedo has even designed this new swim cap to allow your goggle straps  to become even more hydrodynamic under the cap.

The amount of increase in drag may not seem like a lot, but the small changes in drag have big impacts on ultimate performance. If they didn’t the Speedo LZR wouldn’t have that many world records under its belt already.

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