Stay Warm Both In and Out of the Pool

Stay Warm Both In and Out of the Pool

Swim Gear
You don’t have to stay cold when you are a swimmer.

As the weather cools off, it can become more and more difficult to stay motivated for swimming in the pool. Whether you swim in an outdoor pool or the pool is inside, you can still encounter issues with feeling cold before you enter the pool and after you get out. These tips can help you stay warm in and out of the pool.

Dress Warmly

Some swimmers make the mistake of dressing lightly before heading to the pool, even in cold weather, so they don’t shock their bodies when they enter the cooler water. This is often a mistake. It is best to keep your body warm before you get in the pool and after you get out. A swim parka or other swim jacket can be a great option for those cooler days at the pool.

Keep Everything Close

While this isn’t possible during competitions, you should keep all your swim gear as close to the pool as possible during your workouts and practices. This allows you to easily access equipment without getting out of the pool and places your towel in easy reach when you are ready to get out. This will minimize the cold feelings you get going in and out of the pool.

Just Dive In

Don’t waste your time trying to get used to the water little by little. It may feel like a shock when you first dive in, but pushing off the inevitable will only prolong the col feelings. Once you are in the water, begin your warm-up exercises and just keep on going. Maintaining motion in the water will keep you from getting cold through your workout.

Downsize Rest Breaks

While every swimmer needs rest breaks, you shouldn’t take prolonged breaks. Keep in mind that chatting with teammates between laps and races count toward these rest breaks. The more time you spend sitting still, the colder you will feel.

Feeling cold is a normal part of the process when you are a swimmer. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for being cold. These tips are designed to minimize the chill you feel, both in the pool and when you get out. Prolonging the inevitable isn’t going to be much help. Instead, you need to get yourself motivated to keep moving and dress properly so you can enjoy those colder swims even more.

Reasons to Keep Swimming All Year Long

Reasons to Keep Swimming All Year Long

Swimming Tips
Swimming shouldn’t be limited to the summers only.

For many people, including those how participate in competitive swimming, swimming is a summer sport. Even though there are indoor pools, many people naturally associate the activity with warmer weather. In either case, though, it is important to keep up your swimming throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if you are a competitive swimmer or just enjoy the activity, year-round swimming is the best option.

An Easy All-Body Workout

Swimming is one of the easiest all-body workouts that can help you tone your muscles throughout your body. While some people jog and are otherwise more active in the warmer months, swimming in an indoor pool can be a great way to get the workout you are looking for throughout the year instead of limiting your exercise to the summer months.

Low Impact

Another issue many individuals, especially those who are older or inured, experience is the impact of exercise on their joints. Swimming and participating in water aerobics allows you to get the workout you desire without a heavy impact on your joints. This makes swimming an excellent alternative.

Cross Training

Even if you participate in weight training or other forms of exercise in the cooler months, swimming is a great way to cross train. Altering your exercise regiment will allow you to give certain muscles a rest and build your cardiovascular health as well.

Fewer Crowds

If you have ever been to a pool in the summer months, especially during open swim, you know what crowds can be like. You can barely move in the pool, let alone get the workout you desire. While some people will still go to the pools in the cooler months, the crowds will be much less, allowing you to take full advantage of the pool.

Maintain Your Body Shape

Many people work hard in the spring to get their bodies back in shape for the pool or beach. If you have been swimming all year, you won’t have to become involved in this rush. You will already be in the perfect shape for swimming.

If you are the type of person who categorizes swimming as a summer activity, it is time to think again. With the cooler months approaching, it is time to hit some indoor pools and keep up your exercise so you can stay in shape throughout the year.

Learn the Benefits of Competitive Swimming

Learn the Benefits of Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimwear
Competitive swimming provides a vast array of benefits.

Swimming has been a favorite pastime for people for many years. People of all ages and all abilities can swim, either for fun or competitively. There are many benefits for those who do take up swimming as a competitive sport, including the incredible exercise, the ability to participate in it, even as you age, and the weightless qualities it provides. Even if you have never swum competitively, it is never too late to start enjoying a sport thousands of people enjoy every day.


Regardless of your age, exercise is an important part of your life. Medical and fitness professionals suggest you exercise three to four times a week and work all your muscle groups as much as possible to get the most vigorous workout. When you choose to swim competitively, you will work all the major muscle groups in one exercise, especially when you participate in all the various strokes, including freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke and the butterfly stroke. This makes it possible for everyone to exercise, even those who suffer from knee, leg or back ailments.


If you decide to take your swimming to the competitive level, you can choose your level of competition. If there is one particular stroke you excel at, you can choose to compete just in that stroke. If you prefer all the strokes, you can participate in a medley that incorporates two or more different types of strokes into one race. The length of each race varies, allowing you to choose the distance with which you are comfortable.

Weightless Exercise

Many people avoid exercises, such as weight lifting or jogging, because of the heavy impact those exercises have on the joints. Even young people suffer from medical issues as a result of too much rigorous exercise. This is another main benefit of taking up swimming competitively. There is no contact and the water can actually be good for your joints, healing you while you swim.

If you have given thought to swimming competitively, it is not too late. There are always pools available with lanes that give swimmers a chance to practice their skills. Grab yourself a competitive swimsuit and a few swim gear items and start swimming competitively. It is definitely something you will feel good about.

Dara Torres sets a new 50m Fly Record Twice

Dara Torres sets a new 50m Fly Record Twice

Dara Torres
Dara Torres

Dara Torres has broken the 50 meter fly record at the Texas Senior Circut swim meet at Texas A&M. She broke her own American record in the 50-meter butterfly on Friday night during finals after she set the previous record during prelims on Friday.

The 42-year-old Torres, who won three silver medals in Beijing last summer, touched the wall in 25.72 seconds in the final, improving on her record time of 25.84 seconds from the morning preliminaries.

Both times beat Jenny Thompson’s American record of 26.00 seconds, set in Barcelona, Spain, in 2003. Marleen Veldhuis, of the Netherlands, set the world record of 25.33 seconds in April.

Goggle Straps Causing Drag?

Goggle Straps Causing Drag?

Mark Sptiz
Mark Spitz – Olympic Gold Medalist

It was not that long ago when Mark Spitz won all of his gold medals wearing only a nylon brief swimsuit. Goggles, swim caps, and even shaving were not necessary to beat his competition. When I say he did not shave, I am not talking about shaving his body down, I am talking about just shaving his mustache. It makes me wonder if I put on a LZR suit, goggles, and a cap — would I be able to beat Spitz?Goggle straps worn outside of the cap add about 2 – 3 per cent drag. So swimmers should always make sure that their goggle strap is inside the cap when they race and not on the outside.The difference in winning and losing a race is now so small that swimmers

Speedo Aqua V Cap
Speedo Aqua V Cap

everywhere are doing anything they can to reduce drag and increase speed. We have seen the difference that caps make and the new Speedo Aqua V cap is the next technological advancement in head wear. By using different densities of silicone, the Speedo Aqua V Cap is not only hydrodynamic, but also remains comfortable and lightweight when being worn. The multi-density design reduces drag 5% by eliminating wrinkles and holding its shape during competition. Speedo has even designed this new swim cap to allow your goggle straps  to become even more hydrodynamic under the cap.

The amount of increase in drag may not seem like a lot, but the small changes in drag have big impacts on ultimate performance. If they didn’t the Speedo LZR wouldn’t have that many world records under its belt already.