Swimming with a nose clip?

Swimming with a nose clip?

I went swimming the other night at the gym and I always keep to myself and concentrate on my swim, but it never fails that someone just wants to turn the laneline into a bar scene and strike up a conversation. I don’t mind meeting new people and talking but just not in the middle of my swimming set. I am at the wall to catch my breath and rest a few seconds before my next 100 yards of pulling. Well this lady wanted to know how to breath with a nose clip? I told her that I cannot use a noseclip while swimming since I breath out of my nose when my head is down and then take in air when I turn my head for a breath. As far as I know that is the only way to properly swim. Turns out she was trying to teach her friend how to swim and he was having a problem with getting water up his nose. I don’t think using a nose clip is a great idea unless you doing synchronized swimming. I belive after a few snorts of water up the nose you will quickly learn how to blow air out of your nose. Growing up I practiced flipturns in the pool by doing multiple flips in the middle of the pool and if you do not blow air out of your nose then you will be unable to complete the turns. This worked for me and hopefully that can work for you to.

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