Looking for a Great and Rewarding Job This Summer? Why Not Be a Lifeguard

Looking for a Great and Rewarding Job This Summer? Why Not Be a Lifeguard

Lifeguard swimsuits are just one reason to work as a lifeguard.
Lifeguard swimsuits aren’t the only reason you should consider working as a lifeguard.

Finding the perfect summer job can feel like a chore in itself. If you enjoy spending your time out in the sun, you may want to consider becoming a lifeguard. It’s not just about the lifeguard swimsuits you get to wear from the biggest competitive swimwear brands. This job is also about making a difference and keeping people safe while they enjoy their summer activities. If you choose this type of summer job, you will enjoy these benefits.

Excellent Team Work

Team work is a valuable asset in all aspects of life. Even as you move into the workforce in your career, odds are you will need to work well with others to some degree. Becoming a lifeguard for the summer will provide you with some of the experience and skills you will need to effectively work as a team throughout your life, wherever that may take you.

Leadership  Skills

Many employers are looking for people who can lead. While it’s also important to be able to take direction from others, taking the initiative can be an attractive quality to employers. As a lifeguard, you will learn how to be assertive in promoting safety and making sure everyone is following the rules. Doing this on a daily basis will help you develop your leadership skills to use in other areas of your life.

Stay in Shape

If you’re worried about keeping your figure while you work this summer, becoming a lifeguard can be a great option. Because you will spend a lot of time at the pool and need to be in good physical condition, you will be required to take good care of your body in the process. This means you will be healthier, all while soaking up the sun and fresh air for the summer.

As you consider your options for summer jobs, becoming a lifeguard can be a great choice. Not only will you be able to earn money while you spend your time at the poolside in the sun and fresh air, but you will also get to sport amazing lifeguard apparel and work on important life skills. These skills will be useful as you move into other careers, regardless of what they may be.

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Should Competitive Swimmers Hire a Business Coach?

Should Competitive Swimmers Hire a Business Coach?


As a competitive swimmer, it may seem the only thing you need to worry about besides your technique is wearing the right competitive swimwear brands and having the right gear for practices and meets. However, just like owning your own business, you need to market yourself and ensure you are making the right decisions for your swimming career. You wouldn’t consider being a swimmer without a personal swim coach. So while it may seem silly to consider hiring a business coach, it can actually work in your favor. After all, some of the biggest names in swimming are doing the same thing already.

An Outside Perspective

Even if you’re the best in the world, such as Michael Phelps and his world record medal count, there is always room for improvement. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize this fact and thus feel like they don’t need outside help. This is a major component in the recipe for failure, or at least in failing to grow and improve. When you have someone on your side who can give you a different perspective, you are able to make even the most minor adjustments to your advantage.


It can be difficult for individuals to properly motivate themselves and hold themselves accountable for their actions, whether in the business world or the swimming environment. It’s far to easy to tell yourself you can always do it later, pushing off important tasks until an undetermined time in the future. Instead, a business coach can help you keep your head in the game, holding you accountable for your actions and making sure you are taking the right steps for a successful future.


It’s important to choose a business coach, or any coach for that matter, based on their experience. You need to find someone who can offer you the guidance necessary to become successful. For this reason, you should make sure the individual you choose has a background in swimming so they have an in-depth knowledge of the field.

Finding a business coach when you are a competitive swimmer is almost as important as hiring a personal swim coach. This alternative type of coach can be an invaluable asset as you build your branding and make sure everyone recognizes you as a swimmer. It will also ensure you make better decisions.

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Experience the Missy Franklin Line

Experience the Missy Franklin Line

Designed to last, consider Missy Franklin swimwear.
Missy Franklin swimwear is designed to last.

Competitive swimmers realize they’ve really hit it big once they have their own line of competitive swimwear. When it comes to the various competitive swimwear brands, one of the newest is the Missy Franklin swimwear. These new, colorful one- and two-piece Missy Franklin swimsuits are perfect for both the casual and the competitive swimmer alike.

Who Is She?

If you were paying close attention to last year’s summer Olympics, you will recognize the name. However, for many people, the name Missy Franklin doesn’t spark much recognition. Franklin was born in 1995 in Pasadena, California. She began swimming by the age of 5 and was involved in international competition by the time she was 14. She first competed in the London Olympics in 2012, winning four gold medals, and made a repeat appearance in Rio in 2016, helping the women’s relay team take the gold. Beyond swimming, Franklin has majored in psychology, is interested in broadcast journalism and is always smiling.

Why Is Her Line Important?

Who better to create competitive swimwear than someone who really knows the ins and outs of swimming. Franklin played a major role in the development of her line, giving her input on creating the perfect fit for competitive swimmers on all levels. Made by Speedo from the Endurance Lite fabric, this competitive swimwear is chlorine resistant and holds its color to ensure the swimwear will last as long as possible. When you buy a Missy Franklin swimsuit, you can be sure you will have a beautiful suit in an array of pastel colors that will provide the long-lasting fit you want and all the advantages you need in the water. Franklin used her experience as a lifetime competitive swimmer to help Speedo develop this line of swimsuits for women participating in all levels of swimming.

Choosing your competitive swimwear brands can be overwhelming. However, if you are considering the Missy Franklin line of swimsuits, you will be tapping into the vast experience of a successful Olympic swimmer. These swimsuits are made from a highly durable fabric for a comfortable fit.

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How to Choose a One-Piece Swimsuit for Competitive Swimming

How to Choose a One-Piece Swimsuit for Competitive Swimming

Perform your best with the best championship racing suits.
The best championship racing suits will help you perform your best.

Choosing the best championship racing suits can be an overwhelming process. There are many competitive swimwear brands from which you can choose. Whether you select the Nike cut out tank swimsuit or one of the other options, it’s critical to make sure you know how to determine which one is right for you.

Frequency and Type of Use

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself how frequently you will use the suit and whether you will wear it indoors or out. For instance, if you will spend less than 10 hours a week in the pool, Lycra may be your best option. However, polyester is the better choice if you will be spending a lot more time in the pool. You can find Nike competitive swimwear in both fabrics, as well as many of the other top competitive swimwear brands.

Suit Cut

Unless your team dictates the cut of suit you must choose, it all comes down to personal preference and what works best for you. In general terms, the type of cut you choose depends on the type of swimming you do. For competitive swimmers, a high cut in the hips is often preferred, while those who are more active in aquatic fitness typically prefer a more modest cut.

In addition to the cut of the legs, swimmers need to consider the types of straps used. Thick straps offer more support, while thinner straps are often more comfortable for swimmers. This aspect of competitive swimwear all comes down to what is most comfortable for the individual.

Finally, the cut of the back should be considered. There are a vast number of choices when it comes to the cut. Those who use swimwear for training typically prefer less material on the back. However, there are advantages to both options. A thicker back will provide greater support and a tight fit. A thinner back, on the other hand, creates less rubbing and greater mobility, along with fewer tan lines.

Color is another important consideration, but isn’t as important as the overall fit of the suit. Before you shop for the best championship racing suits, make sure you are aware of all the options and what each one can mean for you swimming.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear, contact us. We can help you find the perfect fit for your swimming needs.

6 Ways Competitive Swimmers Develop Self Discipline

6 Ways Competitive Swimmers Develop Self Discipline

Learn to develop self discipline as competitive swimmers.
Competitive swimmers need self discipline.

Competitive swimmers need to worry about more than just buying the competitive swimwear brands they choose. Along with swimwear and competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, you need to learn how to develop your self discipline for better performance. These six tips will help.

Treat It As a Skill

Self discipline isn’t something you are born with or that is an innate ability. You need to work at it, just as you do with any other aspect of swimming. Natural talent has nothing to do with it. Work hard and you will be able to achieve self discipline.

Start Small

It’s impossible to achieve self discipline after just one day. You’ll need to slowly change your habits one at a time. You are more likely to be successful if you take things one step at a time, rather than trying to do it all at once.

Be Realistic

Most people don’t understand where they stand in the area of self discipline. It’s important to have a realistic view of where you currently stand, along with where you are aiming to go. It may leave you feeling like you are lacking, but it’s critical in the long run to help you reach your goals.

Work Hard

You work hard at developing your swim technique, but you also have to work hard at self discipline. It seems everyone is looking for an easier way to do things. When it comes to developing self discipline in competitive swimmers, there’s no shortcut to achieve your goals.

Be Accountable

You will likely go through daily battles as you work toward your goal of complete self discipline. Creating a structured training regimen will help you maintain accountability. Your coach may also be able to help you with this aspect of your training.

It’s Easier When You Love It

It doesn’t matter how much self discipline you develop, it will always be difficult if you don’t love what you are doing. If you are forcing yourself to swim, rethink your hobbies. You will eventually resent swimming and your coach.

In addition to looking for the best competitive swimwear brands and competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, you need to work on self discipline to become a great competitive swimmer. When you follow these tips, you will find your self discipline is increasing so you will be able to train more effectively.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear brands and competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry all the products you need to become a better swimmer.

Shave Time Off Your Next Race With the Closed Back Tech Suit for Women

Shave Time Off Your Next Race With the Closed Back Tech Suit for Women

Shave seconds off your time with the best competitive swimwear brands.
The best competitive swimwear brands offer tech suits.

When it comes to competitive swimming, time is of the essence. Races are won and lost by mere fractions of a second. As you choose your competitive swimwear, it’s essential to select something that will make a difference in your swim times. All of the top competitive swimwear brands make these tech suits. Both the Speedo LZR Racer Closed Back Kneeskin and the TYR Women’s Aviator Closed Back Swimsuit offer the coverage you need to shave precious fractions of a second off your swim times.

Ease of Putting It On

Whether you choose TYR or Speedo tech suits, it’s important to make sure it is easy to get on and off. Due to the increased amount of coverage from this type of competitive swimwear, they can be difficult to get it on, similar to a wet suit. If it’s going to take a lot of time to get into your suit, it’s not worth it.

Fit and Compression

How the swimsuit fits plays a major role in how well you can perform. If the suit is too tight, it won’t allow the freedom of movement you need. If it’s too loose, it will create too much resistance. In addition to having a proper fit that allows for optimal range of motion, it’s important to make sure the TYR and Speedo tech suits offer the compression needed to make sure you are more  hydrodynamic.


You will spend a significant amount of money when you buy tech suits from the major competitive swimwear brands. It’s important to make sure you are spending money on something that will last for the long-term. Durability will ensure your suit will continue to fit well for longer so you can use it for both practice and events.

Tyr and Speedo tech suits, such as the Speed LZR Racer Closed Back Kneeskin and TYR Women’s Aviator Closed Back Swimsuit, are designed to improve your performance in the water. With their fit and compression, you will move more smoothly through the water, allowing you to shave precious fractions of a second off your swim times to increase the chances you will win your races.

If you’re looking for tech suits from the top competitive swimwear brands, contact us. We can provide the options you need to swim your best and increase your chances of winning.

Olympian Michael Phelps Has Announced His Retirement and a New Swimwear Line

Olympian Michael Phelps Has Announced His Retirement and a New Swimwear Line

Michael Phelps has created the ideal competitive swimwear.
The right competitive swimwear is essential to your success.

Michael Phelps is one of the most well-known and most decorated Olympic swimmer in recent years. In December 2015, he announced he would be retiring from the swimming pool. However, this doesn’t mean he’s leaving the world of swimming behind entirely. In fact, Phelps has created one of the most respected competitive swimwear brands available on the market and plans to coach swimming in Arizona. In the coming year, he will be releasing the new MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line by Michael Phelps, adding to the other available women’s and men’s technical racing suits.

The Perfect Competitive Swimwear

Just like his past contributions to the competitive swimwear, the MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line features an innovative fabric that combines both the Aqua-Core and Exo-Foil fabrics. This combination provides all the compression swimmers need to become more streamlined in the water, along with hydrodynamic material and bonded seams, all while providing flexibility and full range of motion. These women’s and men’s technical racing swimsuits are also constructed with strategically placed panels that reduce the amount of energy you expend by increasing blood flow to the legs and femoral artery through compression. This design outshines many of the other options available on the market today.

Available for Both Men and Women

The MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line by Michael Phelps offers both women’s and men’s technical racing swimsuits that meet FINA’s stringent guidelines. Of all the competitive swimwear brands, this is one of the few that was designed by someone who knows swimming inside and out. These swimsuits were created in styles for men and women and are available in a number of colors to allow every swimmer to find the ideal style. Swimmers can choose between black/gray, blue/black and yellow/black.

Buying the right competitive swimwear is essential to your success in the water. Even though Michael Phelps is hanging up his own swimming career, he isn’t ready to get out of the sport entirely. Not only is he planning on coaching the next generation of swimmers in Arizona, but he has also created the MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line of technical racing swimsuits to help give other swimmers the competitive advantage they’re looking for.

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