Why Being a Lifeguard Is a Great Summer Job

Why Being a Lifeguard Is a Great Summer Job

With summer on the horizon and many teenagers looking for the perfect summer job, what better way to spend your summer than by the edge of a pool or on the beach. The good news is you can actually get paid to do this. Why is this a great option as you look for the ideal summer job?

Look the part with lifeguard clothing.

Learn Important Life-Saving Techniques

Saving a life is one of the most amazing things anyone can do. Even if you are fortunate enough to never deal with an emergency like this during your time in lifeguard swimsuits in Dallas, you will go through the necessary training to save someone’s life in many emergency situations. You may not end up using CPR on the job, but you never know if there may come a time in your daily life, whether at home or while you’re out and about. You will feel more confident you can do what’s needed if you ever see someone who needs your help.

A Fun Place to Work

Whether you are a teenager or a young adult going to college who is looking for a fun summer job, putting on lifeguard clothing and getting to work can be a great experience. Lifeguards are needed in a variety of environments, including lake and ocean beaches, water parks, swimming pools and other locations where individuals are enjoying the water. Can you think of a better location to spend your summer months? When you aren’t on the job, you will be able to enjoy the water for yourself, making it a great place to spend your time. Not many other people enjoy spending time at their workplace outside regular working hours.

Travel for Work

Did you ever want to see a new place but need to work to make money at the same time? This can be a difficult task, often resulting in choosing between the two. For most people, work wins out. However, when you don your lifeguard clothing, you will find there are job opportunities throughout the country and around the world. If you’re lucky, you can land a great job working in another country or a beach-side location you might not otherwise get to visit this summer.

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Lifeguarding This Summer? How to Choose the Right Swimwear

Lifeguarding This Summer? How to Choose the Right Swimwear

Choose lifeguard swimsuits based on comfort and durability.
Lifeguard swimsuits should be comfortable and durable.

Working as a lifeguard this summer can be a rewarding career choice for college students and other young adults who don’t need long-term employment. While much of your gear will be supplied for you as part of the job, you may be required to purchase your own lifeguard swimsuits and other lifeguard clothing. Before you start shopping, consider these factors.


You will need to wear this swimwear and apparel on practically a daily basis so you want it to hold up for the entire summer. Even though you may need to spend a little more, make sure you are getting products that are proven to last through many washes and daily wear so you aren’t faced with buying new halfway through the summer.


In addition to having swimwear that will last for the entire summer, comfort should also be your priority. Think about how long your shifts are and the amount of time you will spend sitting in the swimwear and other apparel. You want to feel comfortable throughout the day. You also want to choose lifeguard swimsuits made from quick dry fabric that won’t stay wet for a long period of time if you do need to jump in the pool at any point.


Along the lines of comfort, you need to choose lifeguard apparel with the proper fit. This is why it’s often best to actually try on swimsuits before you make a final decision to buy. If you are unable to get to a store to try them on, ask someone to help you take accurate measurements per the size chart for the swimwear and lifeguard clothing you are going to buy. This will ensure you are buying the right size to keep you comfortable throughout the long days at the pool.

When you choose to work as a lifeguard for the summer, you will need specific swimsuits and other clothing to let everyone know you are the person who is able to help when needed. Before you start buying lifeguard swimsuits or other lifeguard apparel, it’s important to know what you should be looking for. The above tips will ensure you find products that will last throughout the summer season and will allow you to do your job with ease.

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