The Best Men’s Racing Suits for 2013

The Best Men’s Racing Suits for 2013

Racing Swimsuits for Men
The best racing swimsuits of 2013.

Unless you have the right racing swimsuit, you can actually hurt your performance in the water. If you thought all swimsuits were created equal, you may have been unknowingly holding yourself back. Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to get yourself into one of the best racing suits for 2013 this year so you can improve your performance in the water and place better in your races throughout the year. As you shop for your new racing swimsuit, consider  purchasing one of these two options that have proven themselves repeatedly to be one of the top racing swimsuits for men.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer is one of the best racing suits for 2013 you can buy. Available in bright red, dark gray, bright green and royal blue, this technologically advanced suit is the first of its kind to make use of carbon fibers woven in the fabric to provide the right amount of compression in just the right places. However, the suit doesn’t provide compression that restricts movement; the compression it provides allows for free movement for better motion through the water. In addition, the Carbon Pro Jammer provides swimmers with additional support, efficiency and power in the water to improve performance.

Speedo LZR Elite Jammer

The second of the best racing suits for 2013 is the Speedo LZR Elite Jammer. This competitive swimsuit comes in black and is made from the record-breaking LZR Pulse fabric. This fabric is put together with bonded seams, allowing for smooth movement through the water with less resistance. Every swimmer knows resistance in the water is their worst enemy. In addition to being suitable for competitive swimming on the elite level, this swimsuit is approved by FINA for use on both the high school and collegiate levels, providing swimmers on all levels with the perfect suit.

If you are in the market for a new racing swimsuit in 2013, consider one of the suits names best for the upcoming year. Whether you are interested in the unique compression qualities of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer or you enjoy the bonded seams of the Speedo LZR Elite Jammer, you will find the perfect suit that will help you improve your performance in the water. While a competitive swimsuit can’t make you a better swimmer, choosing the wrong one can have a negative impact on your speed, making choosing one of the best your best option.

About TYR Racing Swimsuits

About TYR Racing Swimsuits

TYR AP12 Compression Speed High Short

TYR racing swimsuits are known for their quality. TYR constantly plays with technology to see what works best for competitive swimmers. The TYR AP12 swimsuits have quickly become a favorite of swimmers all over the globe. The compression is unsurpassed and creates a flawless fit for swimmers in the water. The AP12 suits are stitch free for a lightweight, non-constricting fit for swimmers. A combination of bonded seams and four-way lock seams reduce drag.

The TYR AP12  racing swimsuits are available in four different styles. The first is the Compression High Back Speedsuit. This suit has a sleek look and is a one piece for women. Straps allow for fluid movement and stability. The important feature of this suit is the high back, which offers security for some swimmers. The women’s suit is also available in an open back. Some swimmers prefer the feeling of an open back as a high back can sometimes feel constricting. Neither suit is better than the other; it all depends on the swimmer’s needs. Both suits implement the cutting edge technology that TYR is known for.

For men, the brand created the AP12 Compression High Short and Speed short. The High Short offers a high waist, which for some swimmers creates the same security brought on by the high back-style swimsuits. This extra fabric doesn’t drag down a swimmer but instead, creates additional compression that is more comfortable to wear. The Speed shorts have a lower waist and are ideal for male swimmers who do not want the added material above the waist. The TYR AP12 shorts for men are created anatomically correct for superior fit. There’s enhanced compression in the areas that need it most. Both shorts use the four-way lock seams for an ultra-smooth fit.

AP12 is a well-known collection from TYR and is FINA approved. It isn’t every day you come across a collection of competition swimsuits that implement the latest technology and have approval from the organization that oversees competitive swimming. TYR knows how to marry function and technology so it benefits swimmers. TYR swimsuits are an investment that offers a swimmer peace of mind as they compete. The AP12 collection has a fit for everyone and ensures the best of swim technology is what you’re wearing in the water. Though comprised of textiles, the suits offer enhanced compression and a trim fit that will feel at one with your body as you take a plunge.