The Best Men’s Racing Suits for 2013

The Best Men’s Racing Suits for 2013

Racing Swimsuits for Men
The best racing swimsuits of 2013.

Unless you have the right racing swimsuit, you can actually hurt your performance in the water. If you thought all swimsuits were created equal, you may have been unknowingly holding yourself back. Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to get yourself into one of the best racing suits for 2013 this year so you can improve your performance in the water and place better in your races throughout the year. As you shop for your new racing swimsuit, consider  purchasing one of these two options that have proven themselves repeatedly to be one of the top racing swimsuits for men.

Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer

The Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer is one of the best racing suits for 2013 you can buy. Available in bright red, dark gray, bright green and royal blue, this technologically advanced suit is the first of its kind to make use of carbon fibers woven in the fabric to provide the right amount of compression in just the right places. However, the suit doesn’t provide compression that restricts movement; the compression it provides allows for free movement for better motion through the water. In addition, the Carbon Pro Jammer provides swimmers with additional support, efficiency and power in the water to improve performance.

Speedo LZR Elite Jammer

The second of the best racing suits for 2013 is the Speedo LZR Elite Jammer. This competitive swimsuit comes in black and is made from the record-breaking LZR Pulse fabric. This fabric is put together with bonded seams, allowing for smooth movement through the water with less resistance. Every swimmer knows resistance in the water is their worst enemy. In addition to being suitable for competitive swimming on the elite level, this swimsuit is approved by FINA for use on both the high school and collegiate levels, providing swimmers on all levels with the perfect suit.

If you are in the market for a new racing swimsuit in 2013, consider one of the suits names best for the upcoming year. Whether you are interested in the unique compression qualities of the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Jammer or you enjoy the bonded seams of the Speedo LZR Elite Jammer, you will find the perfect suit that will help you improve your performance in the water. While a competitive swimsuit can’t make you a better swimmer, choosing the wrong one can have a negative impact on your speed, making choosing one of the best your best option.

The Best Men’s Square Leg Training Suits

The Best Men’s Square Leg Training Suits

Stay comfortable in the water with the Nike square leg suits.
The Nike square leg suits provide comfort and extra coverage.

It might seem as if men don’t have as many swimsuits to choose from as women, but when it comes to training suits, there are a variety of choices for men. The most popular types of suits include the jammer, bodyskin, briefs and the square leg training suits. Every man has a different opinion regarding the suit that fits him the best and allows him the most comfort in the water. The man who feels comfortable and finds a suit that provides the least amount of resistance in the water will perform the best at his competitive swim meets.

The Style

For men who are uncomfortable wearing briefs but don’t want the full coverage of the jammer, the square leg training suit offers the perfect compromise. The Nike Poly Square Leg Training Suit is the perfect example of a suit that offers men the coverage they desire without the resistance a non-competitive swimsuit would cause in the water. The Nike suit sits low on the waist and covers half of the man’s thigh. They are less revealing than briefs, but show more skin than jammers or bodyskins. The look resembles that of boxers because of the square opening for the thigh, along with the wider side and flatter front. This suit is available in Navy and Black.


The blue tie dye pattern of the Nike Tie Dye Square Leg Training Suit, which is similar in style to the Poly Square Leg, contains the signature Nike swoosh embroidered on the left leg and an all-over green and blue print that offers the perfect amount of style in neutral colors. The blue suit is perfect for men to wear for practices or warm-ups. Many men also wear them as recreational swimsuits because of their comfort and perfect amount of coverage while at the pool or beach. It offers the perfect colors to blend in with the crowd yet a little boldness to avoid being boring.


For the man who wants to make a statement while in the water, the bolder pink version of the Nike Tie Dye Square Leg Training Suit is a perfect choice. The bolder colors of pink, purple and yellow help men make a statement of their bravery, catching the attention of their competitors and even instilling a feeling of trepidation in their rivals. With a drawstring waist, polyester and spandex construction and nylon binding fabric, this training suit offers the perfect combination of style and function for every competitive male swimmer.

Choosing Nike Men’s Swimwear for Competitive Swimming

Choosing Nike Men’s Swimwear for Competitive Swimming

Comopetitive Swimwear
The Nike line of men’s competitive jammers offers better performance in the water.

If you are serious about your swimming, the swimsuit you choose is important to your results. There are a variety of brands to choose from when it comes to fitness or competitive swimming. One of the top brands for men is the Nike men’s swimwear collection. All the suits are made with quality material that is meant to last the test of time and gives you a few advantages in the water that a regular swimsuit would not offer.

Figure Out Your Size

Before you purchase your men’s swimwear for competitive or fitness swimming, you need to determine your size. You will need to take your measurements while only wearing your underwear to get accurate measurements. You need to use a tape measure to measure your natural waistline. This can be done by measuring the area that is just above the hipbone. Your waist size will then determine the size swimsuit you need.


Whether you will use your swimwear for competitive swimming or physical fitness in the water, you want the same features. You need to look for a suit that decreases your drag time by not producing a lot of extra material that puffs out in the water. This will allow you to glide through the water, rather than fight the resistance of the water. When you look for the right suit, judge the compression or how tight the suit fits in various areas of your legs. You want it to feel snug and compressed without feeling as if your movements are restricted. Many of the Nike competitive swimsuits are made from the Nike NX swimwear fabric, which allows you the perfect fit with better results in the water.

Nike Techno Camo Jammer Swimsuit

Nike offers a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right competitive swimsuit. If you are on a swim team, chances are you all want to match when you show up for competition. This shows you are a united team and can even intimidate other teams as you walk in together. The Nike Techno Camo Jammer Swimsuit offers a camouflage pattern down the legs in a variety of colors, including black, forest, navy, red or orange. This offers your team a variety of choices.

Nike Team Color Block Jammer

If you are looking for a more solid look, the Nike Team Color Block Jammer is a good choice. Your team color is swirled with white to help your team stand out the most. You can even have your team’s logo imprinted on this suit for an even more authentic look at your competitive swim meets.