Swimming Backpacks Are a Necessity

Swimming Backpacks Are a Necessity

Swimming Backpack
A swimming backpack is essential for any swimmer.

With all the back and forth to the pool for practices and meets alike, you will find a good swimming backpack is a necessity. You don’t want to entrust all your swim gear to just any backpack you can buy in your local department store. Instead, you want to choose a special one that is designed to be a swim backpack. These backpacks offer features that were designed with swimmers in mind.Arena Swim Backpack

Arena is one of the big names in team swimming. This is why they have taken the time to design a swim backpack that will fit your needs. With a section for your wet suit and towel after the meet and a water-resistant bottom, you don’t need to worry about getting everything else wet. The padded straps ensure your comfort as you head to and from the pool.

Nike Swimming Backpack

If Nike is your brand of choice, the Nike swimming backpack has a large, waterproof bottom that allows the backpack to sit up on its own for easier access. The mesh pockets allow you to store your wet items after the meet. Other great features in this bag include a section for your shoes or other footwear, a pocket for your cell phone and one for your sunglasses as well.

TYR Backpacks

TYR offers two different swim backpacks that will provide you with everything you need to transport your swim gear from home to the pool and back. If swimming is just part of your talents as a triathlon star, the Transition swim backpack provides you with the room you need for all your gear, from your swimsuit and goggles to your bike helmet and running shoes. If you don’t need space for all these items, the Alliance team backpack 2 may be a better choice. This backpack features pockets for your wet gear, as well as an mp3 player.

If you are looking for a

to make it easier to transport your swimming gear to and from your practices and meets, you don’t need to look too far. Many of the biggest names in swim gear make backpacks that have separate pockets for your wet gear after you are done swimming, as well as your dry clothes and shoes while you are in the pool. Even if you compete in triathlons, you can find a backpack that will meet all your needs.