Order Your Swim Lane Lines Now for the Summer Season

Order Your Swim Lane Lines Now for the Summer Season

Keep swimmers in line with swim lane lines.
Swim lane lines keep swimmers in line.

The summer swim season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to consider getting your competitive pool in shape for all of the upcoming meets and training sessions. One of the most important elements you should pay attention to is your swim lane lines. Keeping your swim racing lanes in great shape is important so every swimmer knows their position in the water and can maneuver successfully.

Get Competition Quality

When you buy your swim lane ropes, it’s important to make sure they meet the standards for competitions. These standards are meant to create a consistent pattern that will put all swimmers on a level playing field. FINA, for instance, requires you to use specific colors for designated lanes. Lanes 0 and 9 should have green ropes, 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 should consist of yellow ropes and lanes 4 and 5 should have blue ropes. The floats should be between 0.05 mm and 0.15 mm apart. Colors of the floats can vary. If you aren’t meeting these requirements, it’s important to order them now to ensure you have them in time for the summer swim season.

Do You Need to Replace?

Your swimming pool ropes may not always need to be replaced entirely. If you have a few floats that are broken, you can resolve the issue by restringing your swim lane lines instead. This is why it’s so important to check over your swim lane ropes before the season begins. If you wait too long, you will find there’s no time left to restring your current lines, requiring you to pay for new ropes altogether. The closer to the swimming season, the more you will pay to ensure your swim racing lanes are up to standard on the day of the race.

It can be difficult to think about the summer swim season when the weather is still so cold, but now is the ideal time to place your orders. Not only do you need to make sure you have the right swimwear, but you need to make sure your pool is also ready. While you may be able to restring your swimming pool ropes instead of replacing them, it’s critical to check now so you have plenty of time to order what you need and ensure your pool is ready for the first meet of the summer, as well as the practices that lead up to it.

If you’re looking for swim lane ropes or other accessories, contact us. D&J Sports in Dallas offers everything swimmers and coaches need to stay competitive.

Get Competitor Lane Lines and Storage Reels with Fast Shipping

Get Competitor Lane Lines and Storage Reels with Fast Shipping

Swim Lane Ropes
Swim lane ropes and storage reels are essential for every pool.

Hosting competitive swim meets at your pool or even practicing for these events requires you to have the right competitor lane lines to separate out the swimmers as they compete. This means it is essential for most swimming pools to at least own a set of competitor lane lines to use when needed. If you aren’t going to use them all the time, you will also need storage reels to keep them in when they aren’t in the water. When you need these items fast, you need to find fast shipping to get them as quickly as possible.

Pool Lane Lines

The pool lane lines are an important piece of the puzzle in competitive swimming. These ropes do more than just keep swimmers going in a straight line without colliding with each other; they also cut down on the waves and other disturbances created by swimmers so each swimmer can have a clear lane and an equal chance of winning the race.

When it comes to pool lane ropes, there are many options. One of the most popular options is the Competitor 75 Foot 4-Inc Racing Lane Line. This lane line offers the option of creating a custom lane line with the variety of colors available in the discs. This swim lane rope is available in a full rainbow of colors, including black, green, orange, maroon, white, yellow, blue and purple. Despite the ability to choose the colors for your lane rope, you can still expect to receive the final product quickly after you order, allowing you to start using them fast.

Storage Reels

In addition to the swim lane ropes, you also need to purchase storage reels so you can keep your swim lane lines in the best possible condition. Keeping the lane lines in the water isn’t always an option. This is why you need to also purchase storage reels to reach your pool at the same time as your swim lane lines. These storage reels store conveniently at the pool side without interfering with the function of the pool.

Buying pool lane lines and storage reels is necessary if you plan to use your pool for competitive races or training for competitions. When you need these items fast, though, you need to find a supplier that can send out your custom order quickly so you aren’t left without when you need it.

How Swimmers Use Swim Lane Ropes

How Swimmers Use Swim Lane Ropes

Swim Lane Ropes
Swim lane ropes offer many benefits.

Sometimes it is amazing to think about how swimmers always seem to know where they are in the pool. While some people think they know where they are based on the number of strokes they complete to get across the pool, most swimmers are thinking more about technique than how many strokes it takes to get across the pool. The secret lies in the swim lane ropes you see floating in the pool. However, these pool lane lines also serve other purposes as well.


If you look closely at the swim lane ropes, you will see they change colors. In the middle of the pool, the colors typically alternate between two colors, often representing the home team or the colors of the organization hosting the event. The colors alternate at regular intervals so swimmers have a good idea of how far they have gone. At the 15 or 25 meter mark, the lane lines will change to one solid color to signal the end of the pool is approaching so swimmers know the race is ending or they must make a turn.

Less Resistance

Another major function of the swim lane ropes is to provide less resistance as swimmers are moving through the water. If you were to immediately follow behind another swimmer, you would find yourself in their slip stream, causing less effort to move yourself forward. In swimming, this is frowned upon. Likewise, the wake of the other swimmers can have a detrimental impact on the efficiency of your swimming. The lane ropes are designed specifically to prevent these disturbances from transferring between lanes so everyone has a fair chance.

Stay in Your Lane

Staying your own lane while you are swimming can often be more difficult than it looks, particularly if you do not have swim lane ropes to guide you. This is one of the primary functions of the lane ropes. You will easily identify where you are supposed to go so you can swim in a straight line. The straighter you are able to swim, the faster you will be able to finish the race.

There are many reasons why swim lane ropes are essential in any pool. The most important function is to let swimmers know exactly where they are in the pool to avoid collisions with the end of the pool. They are also designed to prevent resistance caused by other swimmers and to help you swim in a straight line within your own lane. This will offer you the best chances of success.