TYR Tracer B-Series Jammer Now Available

TYR Tracer B-Series Jammer Now Available

Tracer B Series JammerTrying to find a size 28 jammer racing suit is next to impossible this week. But you might just be in luck if you are quick enough to order one of the size 28 TYR Tracer B-Series jammers at D&J Sports Swim Shop. They are receiving a shipment today.

Not sure about the TYR Tracer B-Series? Well the Tracer B is made of the same material as the Speedo LZR Elite and it also has the bonded seams.

Tracer Swimsuits

Here is the comparison chart of the TYR Tracer racing suits:

Features Comparison Tracer Light Tracer B-Series Tracer C-Series
Power Mesh
The Power Mesh liner is made from .4mm Poly micro-mesh, increasing the specific strength of the suit by a dramatic factor without escalating the weight. A hydrophobic finisher is applied to the mesh liner to act as an ultimate barrier against water.
Power Compression Panels
Incorporating power mesh, these panels will lock the core in with up to a 75% increase in zoned compression vs. a typical Lycra® suit. Decrease body circumference by up to 10%.
The Tracer Light shell and lining features a lightweight, hydrophobic and quick-drying fabrication. Woven with a powerful micro-filament, it has enhanced stretch properties and memory retention to promote longevity and form-fit.
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Four-Way Lock Seams
Contour the body and provide the strongest control available. TYR’s industry leading 18 stitch-per-inch seams are incredibly durable, low-profile, and offer superior range of motion (ROM).
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Compression Panels
Used in conjunction with the Four-Way Lock Seams, and intricately designed around the human musculature, these muscle-mapped panels will lock the core in with up to a 25% increase in zoned compression vs. a typical Lycra® suit. Panels decrease body circumference by up to 5%. Compression generated by the suit decreases muscle undulation and helps improve blood flow and re-oxygenation of the muscle core.
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Range of Motion (ROM) Straps
Stitched and firmly reinforced eight times for a sturdy hold that won’t split. Never compromising movement in the design process, allowing for fluidity and explosiveness.
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Smooth, flat-bonded seams outline the suit to create a stitchless design that provides a fluid, drag-reducing fit. The inside of the seam are bonded then encased with HB (high-bond) micro-taping to provide ultimate hold that won’t burst. The HB tape provides a consistently smooth stretch that leaves leg, arm, and neck openings a seamless transition from skin to fabric.
With industry exclusive muscle-mapping seams, the Tracer B-Series’ five-piece pattern design fits along the contours of the body to provide superior fit and reduce drag.
Stress-Point Enforcement
All stress points along the suit are reinforced with micro-stitch tacking to ensure suit integrity even under extreme strains.