Speedo Pro Backpack

Speedo Pro Backpack

Speedo Pro Backpack
Speedo Pro Backpack

By far the most popular swim backpack is the Speedo Pro Backpack. This is the best selling swimming backpack on the market. So what makes it so great? First off the styling is great with the 100% polyester dobby fabric that gives you that shiny new look and the color choices that will work great with any swim team outfit. The Speedo backpacks have been a great option for many years now and the Pro Backpack continues to take it to the next level with the anatomically shaped shoulder straps, cell phone and goggle pouch, media pocket, wet pocket, ventilated side pockets, and front webbing towel straps. The towel straps are one of my favorite features on a good swim backpack. They are obviously perfect for your towel but they are also great for drying your wet swimsuits after swim practice. I also see a lot of swimmers that will attach key chains and bag tags to the towel straps. Don’t worry about setting your Speedo Pro Backpack on the wet pool deck since it has a water resistant rubberized bottom to keep your stuff dry. Another great option with this swim backpack is the large flap at the top which serves two purposes: easy access to your gear and a great place to embroider your name and swim team logo. Don’t worry if the Pro Backpack is too big because is also has a little brother the Speedo Small Pro Backpack.

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